7th Street Theater

2007 TV-PG

7th Street Theater is a half hour dramatic series about five Christian actors who perform a weekly stage show for their community. The theater is owned by Mr. Wheeler, who purchased it for the purpose of providing entertainment with a Christian message that people could enjoy in a theatrical setting. Rudy Thompson is the producer and director for the theater while Joanna is the office manager. The cast performs shows every weekend, and during the week, after they have selected a specific theme to do for that particular weekend show, they write and act out scenes in trying to convey their message

1. The Commercial

Andi auditions for a regional TV ad.

2. Surprise!

Jamie has never had a surprise birthday party.

3. A Christian Practical Joke (Part 1)

Gates challenges the cast to a practical joke contest.

4. A Christian Practical Joke (Part 2)

The winner is decided in the practical joke contest.

5. Jamie?s Earings

Jamie shows up with a new look.

6. The Student

A college student takes acting lessons from Kelly.

7. One Lucky Lady

The cast members learn a lesson about purity before marriage.

8. The Vanish of New Jersey

Gates has an idea that the cast finds quite unbelievable.

9. Shelley

Jamie falls deeply in love.

10. Shelley (Part 2)

The conclusion of the love story between Jamie and Shelley.

11. The Word

Mr. Wheeler asks the cast to come up with a special show.

12. The Heckler

A man causes some commotion at the theater.

13. The Game

Three guys attend a football game.

14. Movie Star

Kelly dreams she is the world’s most famous actress.

15. No Lights

The cast shows up one morning and there is no power.

16. Andi

A sudden turn of events shakes the cast.

17. An Actor?s Big Chance

A Newspaper wants to do an article on the cast.

18. An Actor?s Big Chance (Part 2)

Something special happens to one of the cast members.

19. An Actor?s Big Chance (Part 3)

The actors try and adjust to a change that has occurred.

20. An Actor?s Big Chance (Part 4)

The cast has to make a major decision.

21. Jamie?s Brother

Jamie’s brother comes to visit at the theater.

22. Jamie?s Brother (Part 2)

A serious problem is discovered by one of the cast members.

23. Switched Identities

Andi has an idea for the cast members to try.

24. Going and Coming

A big change is at hand for the cast.

Quote of the day

Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.