A Christian Talk of the Town

2014 TV-PG

This talk show provides a unique viewing opportunity similar in format to nationally-known television talk shows with content that is created and designed with a Christian stand on Biblical principles. The episodes cover topics and issues that adults face in their daily lives.

1. What’s Your Catch Phrase?

Dale Smith shares her insights on how powerful our words are and being aware of what is coming out of your mouth.

2. Just Ask

The panel discuss how adults can miss their blessings because they don’t know how to ask.

3. The Smell of Sin

The panel discusses how to recognize the sin in your life.

4. Family Time

The panel discusses what’s happened to family time and what has taken over as a priority.

5. Cellphones

The panel discusses how cell phones have taken over.

6. Overwhelmed

The panel discusses how to live in the moment.

7. Taken for Granted

The panel discusses things people take for granted.

8. Lazy

The panel discusses how we’ve allowed our smartphones to take over our lives allowing us to become lazy.

9. Power of the Tongue

The panel discuss how words are vessels of power.

10. Social Media

The panel asks, does social media take expose you to more than it should? Learn to ignore things that are not building you up.

11. Divorce

The panel discusses divorce and share some of their stories.

12. Love

The panel discusses how we just through the word “love” around. Have we lost God’s intended meaning of the word?

13. Fear

The panel talk about how fear can hold you back from God’s promises.

14. Friendship

The panel discusses true friendships versus acquantainces.

Quote of the day

But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near by the blood of Christ.