Ancient Secrets of The Bible

1994 TV-PG

The Ancient Secrets of the Bible series scientifically examines the Bible’s most mysterious and controversial stories. One episodes include: The Ark of the Covenant. Battle of David and Goliath. The Fiery Furnace. Moses’ Red Sea Miracle. The Ten Commandments. Noah’s Ark and The Flood. Samson. Sodom and Gomorrah. The Tower of Babel. The Walls of Jericho. The Shroud of Turin.

1. Ark of the Covenant: Lost or Hidden Away

An ancient wooden chest covered with beaten gold: Ancient myth or historical fact? If it does exist what is inside?

2. Battle of David and Goliath: Truth or Myth?

The triumph of David over Goliath an unlikely victory celebrated as a sign of Gods strength; but did it really happen? A surprising demonstration will amaze you!

3. The Fiery Furnace: Could Anyone Survive It?

A computer simulation walks you into the blistering furnace with the three prisoners; But will you walk back out; without the aid of a miracle?

4. Moses’ Red Sea Mirale: Did it Happen?

A burning bush on a rocky hillside. Waters part and nearly two million refugees surge across the Red Sea. Miracle or mirage? Discover the amazing truth!

5. Moses’ Ten Commandments: Tablets from God?

Two stone tablets inscribed by the finger of God disappear. Where are they now? A recent archaeological expedition raises questions with an explosive answer.

6. Noah’s Ark: Fact or Fable?

A massive flood. A large boat. Animals. Consider the shocking secrets unlocked by recent scientific findings and archaeological digs.

7. Noah’s Ark: Was There a Worldwide Flood?

A global flood sends seas and rivers ripping over their banks. Startling new oceanographic tests point to inescapable conclusions.

8. Noah’s Ark: What Happened to it?

Does a giant wooden ark lie beneath ice on the north slope of Mount Ararat? Decide for yourself as you join the adventures of Ararat’s explorers.

9. Samson: Strongman Hero or Legend?

Could the bible’s most colorful character allow himself to be betrayed? New architectural discoveries add a surprising twist to Samson’s story.

10. Sodom and Gonorrah: Legend or Real Event?

Do ancient bones, pottery, and ashes sifted from stony ground south of the Dead Sea have a story to tell the world today? Watch and see for yourself.

11. Tower of Babel: Fact or Fiction?

A spiraling tower rises above the ancient city of Babylon until it is destroyed by God. Did it really exist? If so, how did its ruins vanish without a trace?

12. Walls of Jericho: Did They Tumble Down?

Watch and learn what silent witnesses recently unearthed tell of Jericho, one of the world’s oldest and most mysterious cities.

13. Shroud of Turin: Fraud or Evidence of Christ’s Resurrection?

Now evidence gathered from 44 scientific studies has been weighed and the chilling truth can be told on The Shroud of Turin!

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