Biblical Collector’s Series

2005 Not Rated

The Bible is the most widely read book in the history of the world. Are the stories in the Bible an accurate historical record of events and inspired by God or the musings of mortal men and mere stories? Adam and Eve. Moses. Noah’s Ark. Jesus Christ. Did he really exist? Is He the Son of God? These and many more biblical mysteries are examined in this series that asks: What is the real truth?

1. Biblical Old Testament Mysteries

Did the legendary cities of sin? Archaeological discoveries include the findings of bodies encased in salt may answer these questions.

2. Biblical Prophecies

Approximately 2,500 prophecies appear in the Bible and 2,000 have been fulfilled. Explore the predictions of the prophets; are ancient prophecies todays reality?

3. Biblical Women

Who was Mary Magdalene? An investigation into the mystery surrounding her identity produces startling insights.

4. Biblical Adam and Eve

The story of Adam and Eve is the most controversial story in the Bible. What are experts saying about it today?

5. Biblical Rapture

Scholars believe the Bible tells us of an event called The Rapture. Could there be a formula hidden in the Book of Revelation?

6. Moses-Man of God

Are the miraculous stories attributed to Moses factual? Did Moses receive the Ten Commandments from God?

7. Biblical Authors

The Bible is the most widely read book in the history of the world. What are the facts behind this immortal manuscript?

8. Biblical Armageddon

Against all odds Israel scored a decisive military victory during the 1967 Six-Day War. Was this one in a series of events foretelling the End Times?

9. Early Years of Jesus

Will an investigation into Jesus’ silent early years reveal He was aware of His own divinity even as a child?

10. Biblical End Times

The Bible warns of cataclysmic disasters that will fulfill the End Time prophecy. Will we witness the End Times in our generation?

11. Lost Biblical Treasures

The quest for the legendary Holy Grail has eluded searchers for 2,000 years. Has it been found and are its legendary powers real?

12. Noah’s Ark and the Biblical Flood

Nearly 200 ancient cultures recorded an all-encompassing flood; all with astonishing parallels to the biblical account. Discover the truth about Noah’s Ark.

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