BJ’s Teddy Bear Club and Bible Stories

2006 TV-G

BJ’s Teddy Bear Club and Bible Stories is a stimulating and imaginative program designed to educate, entertain, and introduce one to five year old children to colors, letters, numbers, and stories from the Bible. The star of the show is BJ (Bearsheba J. Bear), a loveable animated teddy bear who takes the children on an unforgettable journey through the Bible. BJ’s Teddy Bear Club and Bible Stories gives young children an early introduction to the Word of God and will fascinate kids by making the Bible more fun and exciting to learn about.

1. Creation

BJ tells his little friends about the first story in the Bible. It’s all about how God actually made the world.

2. David & Goliath

BJ tells his wonderful little friends about a brave boy in the Bible who stood up for his friends against a giant bully.

3. Noah and the Ark

BJ tells his story of how God sent a giant rainstorm to destroy everything. Except, that is, for one person by the name of Noah.

4. The Story of Adam & Eve

BJ tells his story about the Garden of Eden. This is the place God created for Adam, the first man, and Eve, the first woman, to live.

5. Joseph and his Brothers

BJ tells his pals about a boy named Joseph, whose father made him a coat of many colors. Joseph’s brothers treat him badly, but God takes care of Joseph.

6. Tower of Babel

BJ tells the story of a giant tower built with the people’s bare hands. They wanted the tower to reach Heaven.

7. The Story of Daniel

BJ tells the story of how God gave a special gift to a young boy named Daniel. God gave Daniel the Gift of explaining things.

8. The Prodigal Son

BJ tells the story about a man who had two sons. One son leaves home and when he returns, his father and brother celebrate.

9. Jonah and the Whale

BJ tells the story about the courage of a man named Jonah, can you believe it, he was swallowed by a whale.

10. The Story of a Good Samaritan

BJ tells the story about a young Hebrew man, who was badly hurt; and as the story unfolds it teaches us why we should all be good neighbors.

11. The Story of Samson

BJ tells the story about a man who was very, very strong until his hair was cut.

12. The Story of Joshua and The Battle of Jericho

BJ tells the story about how Joshua listened to Gods plan for him and his people, and conquered the City of Jericho.

13. The Story of Moses

BJ tells the story of how Moses delivered Gods chosen people from Egypt, and took them on a Journey for forty years.

14. The Story of Abraham

Listen to BJ tell about the first man to believe in only one God. Abraham was a true follower and started a whole nation of believers.

15. The Story of Isaac & Rebekah

Meet Isaac, the son of Abraham, and hear the wonderful story of how Abraham’s servant Eliezer helped bring Isaac and Rebekah together.

16. BJ’s Teddy Bear Club and Bible Stories 116 The Story of Lot

In this story, you meet Abraham’s brother Lot. And you’ll see what happens when two evil cities get into trouble with God.

17. The Story of Elijah

Elijah was one of Israel’s greatest prophets. This is a story of faith, devotion, and the power of God.

18. The Story of Job

The Lord giveth, The Lord taketh away. This is what happens to Job in this amazing story of faith and devotion.

19. The Story of Esther

In this story, you’ll meet a young girl who through her courage and cleverness saved her people from destruction.

20. The Story of Jacob

This is the story of two different brothers-Jacob and Esau. Hear how Jacob plays a trick on Esau and later on meets God face to face.

21. The Story of Achan

In this story , a man named Achan got a little to greedy and caused problems for Joshua and his tribe.

22. The Story of Balaam

Did you ever hear of a talking donkey? This is the story about a man named Balaam and the mule that God made talk!

23. The Story of Gideon

In this story, God picks Gideon to lead a small Hebrew army against thousands of Midianites; and wins!

24. The Story of Joash

In this story you’ll hear about a child who became a king when he was just a little boy!

25. The Story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

The story of three friends and their adventures in Babylonia. Watch how their faith in God helped save them from the fiery furnace.

26. The Story of Solomon

Hear about the wisest man who ever lived. King Solomon also wrote poetry, rebuilt the Temple, and a whole lot more!

27. Christmas Special

Join BJ and his friends for holiday fun including a beautiful rendition of the Story of Christmas including some of your favorite carols.

Quote of the day

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