Bloom Today

2017 TV-14

1. But the World is so Broken

How does a good God fit into a broken world? Ginny and Paula discuss how every good thing comes from God, but Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy.

2. I’m not a Victim, Am I?

Ginny & Paula define what circumstances define a victim and how ignoring or downplaying brokenness prevents the healing God wants to bring.

3. But I’m not Beautiful

Finding our beauty in comparison to the world?s standards is a perpetual trap. Ginny & Paula share how God determines our true beauty by the purity of our hearts.

4. I’m Married,so it cant be abuse, Right?

Ginny & Paula discuss how God created marriage to represent His loving heart for the church rather than becoming an idol. Nicole C. Mullen shares hope after an abusive marriage.

5. Reclaiming Lost Dreams After Hardship

God can use life?s challenges to fulfill our dreams in unexpected ways. Country music artist, McKenna Hydrick?s, dream was restored after illness stole her hope.

6. Am I Still Lovable After Failing?

Ginny & Paula discuss satan?s lie that God?s love depends on our performance. Pastor Patricia Douglas found hope in God?s love after a teenage pregnancy.

7. Do I Deserve Forgiveness?

Ginny & Paula share how forgiving yourself is part of God?s plan of redemption. Author, Sheryl Griffin, tells how she forgave herself for choosing three abortions.

8. What If I Was Abandoned?

We belong to God the Father first and foremost – no matter how humans treat us. Author and entrepreneur, Michelle Moore, explains her path from abandonment to forgiveness.

9. Is There Grace After My Adultery?

Ginny & Paula define God’s conviction vs. satan’s condemnation. Author Christy Neal reveals how she found healing after the church ostracized her despite repenting for adultery.

10. Following God When It’s Not Fair

Ginny & Paula discuss how God is not fair; instead, He is loving and just. A single father of 5, Brian Myers chooses to parent full-time despite the unfairness of his situation.

11. Can God Use Satan’s Evil For Good?

Ginny & Paula discuss how Satan may intend evil, but God can use for good. Hope Beryl-Green tells how God redeemed her from being born into sex trafficking & sold for 30 years.

12. Why Are You Better Than Me?

Ginny & Paula share that comparisson destroys but becoming who God designed gives life. Singer & actress Jennifer McGill shares how being a Disney child star almost destroyed her.

13. Even A Princess Considered Suicide

Ginny & Paula discuss choosing life over suicide because we have value, purpose, and a future. Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock shares how suicide almost stole her incredible future.

14. Is Addiction The Root of My Problem?

Ginny & Paula discuss finding the root of your problem instead of just managing addictions so you can truly heal. Maggie Kavanaugh talks about healing from childhood abuse.

15. From Rape to Nascar Chaplain

Ginny & Paula discuss how addiction cause damage, but God can heal permanently. Renegade Preacher Morgan Clough shares how rape led to addiction, but God brought freedom.

16. Looking For Love In The Wrong Places

Ginny & Paula discuss how being emotionally healthy helps us have healthy relationships. Author Tammy Daniel shares how needing love (codependency) almost destroyed her.

17. I’ll Be The First In My Family

Ginny & Paula discuss breaking generational dysfunction by recognizing and changing. Radio Personality Doug Griffin shares how his family is breaking patterns of brokenness.

18. Almost Beaten to Death for God

Ginny & Paula discuss how Satan causes harm but God uses it for good. Prison Ministry Leader Meredith Kendall shares how God redeemed the beating that almost killed her.

19. A Trauma Triggered Avalanche

Ginny & Paula discuss how an overreaction to a trauma signifies deeper brokenness. Minister, Counselor and Coach Lisa Hooks shares how her mother’s suicide affected her.

20. Why I Chose the Adult Industry

Ginny & Paula discuss how we are chosen, loved, and seen by God. Writer, Speaker and Advocate Jessika Fuhrmaneck shares how she got into and out of adult entertainment.

21. What’s my Real Source of Pain?

Ginny & Paula discuss finding the hidden damage that is fueling the current pain. Author & Speaker Kimberly ?Brownie? Vaughn shares how an intervention led to healing.

22. Can Abuse Feel Normal?

Ginny & Paula ask 3 questions to help you identify ?normalized? abuse. TV personality, Monica Schmelter, recounts how she finally recognized abuse in her childhood.

23. Do Strong Men Cry?

Ginny & Paula discuss how you can feel safe expressing emotions that abuse shut down. Spiritual Leader Darrell Darnauer, tells his story of childhood abuse and neglect.

24. Stopping The Spin Cycle

Ginny & Paula discuss how to be still and know God. Clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Michelle Bengtson, shares her personal story of healing from clinical depression.

25. What Choice Do I Have?

Ginny & Paula disucss finding your identity in Christ instead of in your sexuality. Pastor, Gary Ingraham, tells his personal story of healing from abuse and homosexuality.

26. How Satan Exploits Our Weaknesses

Ginny & Paula discuss how to find security in Christ to avoid exploitation. Dr. Kateriina Rosenblatt tells her story of redemption from being a teenage victim of sex trafficking.

27. Religion Isn’t a Fix

Ginny & Paula discuss having a relationship with God instead of addictions. Christian rapper & Change TV host, David Manning, tells his story of healing from childhood abuse.

28. God Redeems What Satan Destroys

Ginny & Paula discuss how satan steals, kills, & destroys. Author & Speaker, Trisha Lynn tells her story of healing after abuse, abortion, & loss.

29. When Abuse Leads to Porn Addiction

Ginny & Paula discuss how we should not judge others because we are all broken. Author, Lynn Fredrick, tells his story of recovery from abuse and pornography addiction.

30. Was It My Fault?

Ginny & Paula discuss how to stop victims from self blame by identifing 3 lies. Karen Brockington tells her story of how she stopped blaming herslf for her childhood sexual abuse.

31. It’s Never Too Late to Find God

Ginny & Paula discuss finding God despite decades of severe damage. Author, Lisa Hensley, tells her story of healing from abuse, addiction, and prositituion.

32. Burned Baby Becomes Ex-Victim

Ginny & Paula discuss 3 strategies for becoming an Ex-Victim. Ex-Victim, Keith Edmonds, shares his story of healing from infant abuse, bullying and alcoholism.

33. Playboy Bunny becomes Women’s Advocate

Ginny & Paula discuss finding your value in God. Actvisit, Cindy Sawyer, shares her story of bullying, being a playboy bunny but becoming a women’s advocate.

34. Choosing Your God Given Passion

Gnny & Paula discuss choosing our calling versus following the expecations of the world. Artist, Stephen Sawyer, shares his passion for painting & his approachable Jesus theme.

35. Coping With Unexpected Death

Ginny & Paula discuss healing from disappointment and pain. Author & speaker, Julie Hunt, shares her hearling journey from the sudden loss of her husband.

36. Performance Doesn?t Bring Life

Ginny & Paula discuss how faith brings life versus performance brings death. Author & speaker, Desiree Lee, shares her story of failing at performance based living and finding God.

37. Walking By Faith, Not By Sight

Ginny & Paula discuss the 3 realities of walking by faith. Singer & songwriter, Ginny Owens, shares her story of faith after becoming blind as a small child.

38. God Is My Only Provider

Ginny & Paula discuss that everyone can trust God as their sole provider. World Champion Toastmaster, Mark Brown, tells how he trusted God after losing his career at 50.

39. Fear Versus Faith

Ginny & Paula discuss the danger of believing anxiety is necessary. Author, April Poynter, reveals understanding her identity in Christ helped her find freedom from anxiety.

40. What Is An Ex-Victim?

Ginny & Paula define and bring an understanding of the term Ex-Victim. Ginny shares how she healed after the threat of a traumatic experince left emotional wounds.

Quote of the day

When he had led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, he lifted up his hands and blessed them. While he was blessing them, he left them and was taken up into heaven.