BTS: A High School Story

2017 TV-G

Behind the Scenes: A High School Story follows Kingdom Sight Studios (Nathan Blair- Owner, Writer & Director – Mike Flack- VP, Director of Sound and Score) as they make their third feature film.

1. David vs. Goliath

We meet Kingdom Sight Studios, Nathan Blair & Mike Flack and learn what they’re up against in making their third feature film.

2. What You Say Matters

Nathan, Mike, Caleb and Mariah explain how the idea for how A High School Story came about.

3. Audition A

Kingdom Sight Studios team works through the first round of auditions and Nathan works with 16-year-old illustrator Lisie Black storyboarding the film.

4. Audition B/ A Field Trip

Nathan, Mike and Caleb go on a site visit at Faith Christian High School in Arvada, CO and see the next group of hopeful actors.

5. Audition C/ Underfundage

The team works through the third group of auditions and Nathan and Mike create a video asking for your help to stop Underfundage.

6. A Star is Born

The Kingdom Sight Studios team holds an informative production meeting that shatters expectations and Audition D explodes with both actors and talent.

7. Audition E

Nathan, Caleb and Mariah work through the largest day of auditions while Mike is out of town and Callback decisions must be made.

8. Callbacks

The Kingdom Sight Studios team holds 2 rounds of callbacks and make final decisions on main cast.

Quote of the day

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