Building a Difference, Vol. 1

2012 Not Rated

This series highlights people, nonprofit organizations and ministries that make a difference in the lives of people in need, showing how lives are changed through selfless acts.

1. Mother Harris, Part 1

Cola Mae Harris’ house had been deteriorating before her very eyes. Through prayer and support from her church family, Cola Mae’s life is about to change.

2. Mother Harris, Part 2

The continued story of Cola Mae Harris and the unveiling of her new renovated home.

3. The Gumpls, Part 1

George was a hardworking man and a veteran struck with an unfortunate disease. With George’s new condition he could no longer function in his tiny home.

4. The Grumpls, Part 2

The continued story of George Grumpl and the unveiling of his new wheelchair accessible home.

5. Veterans Special, Part 1

The story of two veterans, both having served in WWII and both needing the help of Builders Care.

6. Veterans Special, Part 2

Volunteers rally together to help to needy veterans in Jacksonville, Florida. This is the conclusion.

7. Ali Dix, Part 1

A life threatening mold situation prevents Ali Dix, a young girl who struggled with a heart condition since birth. This is her story.

8. Ali Dix, Part 2

With the help of volunteers and Builders care, Ali can finally come home.

9. George Family, Part 1

The George family discovers there’ almost nothing holding up the roof of their house and it can collapse at any moment. This is their story.

10. George Family, Part 2

Watch as Evelyn George and her family’s new home is revealed.

11. The Bell Family, Part 1

Builders Care responds to the needs of the Bell Family after a tragic bike accident changes their lives forever.

12. The Bell Family, Part 2

The continued story of the Bell Family as volunteers begin the renovation of their home.

13. The Bell Family, Part 3

Watch the unveiling of the Bell Family’s newly renovated home.

14. Page-Bailie Bunch, Part 1

Builders Care responds to the needs of Melissa Page-Bailie, foster mom and adoptive mother to nine.

15. Page-Bailie Bunch, Part 2

The continued story of the Page-Bailie Bunch.

16. Page-Bailie Bunch, Part 3

Watch the unveiling of the Page-Baile Bunch’s new home, suited for a family of 10.

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