Building a Difference, Vol 2

2013 Not Rated

This series highlights people, nonprofit organizations and ministries that make a difference in the lives of people in need, showing how lives are changed through selfless acts.

1. When Kenny Met Karen

It all started on a weeknight Bible study. Kenny knew at first sight he’d Marry Karen. This is their story.

2. When the Goodalls Met Builders Care

Kenny and Karen are living in a 3-bedroom house with their 6 kids when a home health nurse shares their story with Builders Care.

3. Construction Begins

Builders Care begins construction on the Goodall’s new home, a place where the family can comfortably enjoy their fathers last days.

4. End of Week One

With lots of volunteers ready and willing to help, the end of week has the framing and roof up on the new home.

5. The Surprise Trip

The Goodall family is taken on a surprise trip to watch a Florida Gators football game and get to meet the players.

6. Final Touches

Every volunteer has a paintbrush in hand as they put the final touches on the Goodall’s new home.

7. The Homecoming

Saturday morning is homecoming day, hundreds of volunteers come to watch as the Goodall’s new home is unveiled.

8. An Unexpected Turn

In an unexpected turn, Kollin, the oldest of the Goodall children becomes very sick and is diagnosed with Leukemia.

10. Two Choices

Karen and the family must create a sterile environment which is critical in Kollin’s recovery after a bone marrow transplant, but his Leukemia returns.

11. Bucket List

Kollin’s family and friends spend his last weeks enjoying some of his favorite places as well as some new adventures.

12. A Will to Live

Kollin pursues his dream and preaches to a youth group telling his story of faith in the midst of trials shortly before passing.

Quote of the day

Be sure to keep the commands of the Lord your God and the stipulations and decrees he has given you.