Burdens to Blessings

2015 TV-PG

An 8-week video study to accompany Kim?s signature book, Burdens to Blessings.

1. Brown Bag Burdens

This first session tells the story of how an ugly brown paper bag became a tool in God?s hands to minister to women of all ages and backgrounds. The paper bag will be an ongoing reminder that God is transforming burdens to blessings.

2. A Princess Story Gone Wrong

Kim shares her personal story of burdens transformed to blessings. Viewers will glimpse the potential power of their own stories, including the hurts, mistakes, and other obstacles to living the lives God wants for us.

3. Dare to Believe

The key to facing the future with hope lies in what we believe about ourselves and God. Using Isaiah 42, Kim identifies what we can be certain of. She then turns to the story of the Samaritan woman and traces her path from disbelief to ?I know.?

4. Seize God?s Timing

Most of us have been admonished to wait on God?s timing, but Kim urges us to seize His timing. Her own story underlines the importance of acting on God?s promptings without delay. Viewers discover how to recognize and respond to God?s voice.

5. Fight for your Future

Kim shows that we?re all in a battle. The enemy?s lies are intended to keep us hopeless. But God?s truth will lead us to His good purposes for our future. Kim challenges viewers to stop fighting their past and to fight for their future.

6. Step Out and Discover

The truth not only changes how we think, but how we act. Kim tells how she began to spend daily time with God, agreeing to do whatever He asked. He showed her how to renew, rid, and reconcile before setting out to run His unique race for her.

7. Embrace Today?s Opportunities

God is ever placing opportunities before us to help hurting people. Embracing those opportunities requires discernment, attentiveness, engagement, and the resolution to act on what God is showing us.

8. Never Give Up

Kim retells the story of the feeding of the five thousand to remind viewers that God can transform the most humble ?brown bag lunches? into huge blessings. She reviews the series? life-changing truths about God, ourselves, and our pasts.

Quote of the day

Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.