Coop Dreams

2015 TV-G

The hilarious adventures of a suburban family gone rural in search of a more sustainable lifestyle. Dad?s dream is to try raising backyard chickens, but other family members are not as enthusiastic. Laugh and learn as we discover whether or not Dad and the gang make his Coop Dreams come true.

1. Hatching an Idea

Dad decides to become a chicken farmer.

2. The Coop

Building a homemade chicken coop.

3. Lone Star

When the homemade coop doesn’t pass inspection, Dad heads to Texas.

4. Coop & Chicks

The selection of a coop kit and the arrival of chickens.

5. The First 24 Hours

The chickens first day on the farm.

6. The Chicken Chick

The Chicken Chick visits the farm and offers helpful tips.

7. Organics

Understanding and learning if the homestead will be organic or not.

8. Fresh Eggs Daily

Lisa comes out to teach about herbs and gardening.

9. Pokey

Pokey the hen goes missing.

10. Next Gen

Eggs are incubated for the next batch of chicks.

Quote of the day

When he had led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, he lifted up his hands and blessed them. While he was blessing them, he left them and was taken up into heaven.