Daily Bread

2017 TV-PG

Seven millennial women with cookbooks, guns, and the desire to rebuild civilization, fight to survive without losing their humanity in a world gone dark.

1. When the Lights Went Out

When a solar flare knocks out electricity globally, life changes in an instant for friends, families and total strangers who find themselves bound together. Seven millennial women, armed with cookbooks and guns, after the world is darkened by a solar flare, choose to not just survive, but thrive as they work to rebuild civilization. An uptight real estate agent is pushed beyond her limits to survive, she goes on a trek in the post apocalyptic world to get to her sister’s prepper camp. A group of young women find themselves stranded at hotel in a small town after the flare, a leader rises among them to defend their new home. Daily Bread is a series of interconnected stories with an ensemble cast about regular people that are challenged to survive in a post apocalyptic world, and find out that it takes more than supplies and guns to not just survive, but it takes faith to thrive

2. Reality Sets In

Holly who has dissed Carol, her prepper sister, is stranded in an urban area. The girls of the cooking show take longer for the reality to set in, until they talk to their neighbor Mr. Buchanan. Briana grabs her go-bag and leaves school, while Dan and his mom plan to get the home-school kids back to their families on horse back. The preppers don’t miss a beat as they immediately move into survival mode. Skylar is stuck in the hotel and has to decide to stay or leave.

3. Stages of Survival

Holly awakens to the reality that she has to travel over three hundred miles to reach her sister’s camp, while Briana wakes up in the woods, all alone. The cooking show crew discusses their bountiful food supply while people in the urban areas are breaking into stores to survive. Skylar makes a decision that will impact the lives of others. The preppers have moved to stage two of preparation and take it all in stride.

4. Our Numbers Have Grown

The girls venture out and soon discover the utter chaos and destruction all around them, with many people in need, who’s fate they are forced to decide. Meanwhile Bubba goes to town to check on his gun store. Briana is found after surviving weeks on her own, while Holly fights off attackers in the woods. Skylar has embraced her new reality and is taking survival to a different level.

5. Our New World

The numbers have grown from the seven girls to eighteen people on the farm who need to learn to work together to survive. The discussion of surviving vs. thriving begins as Sophie, the voice of wisdom argues for both sides. Briana begins going into the woods to escape the coarseness of the preppers. Molly has to come to terms with her new reality while everyone on the farm realizes they are all in this together and must become a team … a family

6. Saving the Buchanans

Nora moves to step up security after the Buchanan’s are attacked, while her sisters disagree with her tactics. Tiffany begins to show signs of a nervous breakdown. Holly has a unique encounter with a rural family on her journey home. The co-op meets to discuss survival options.

7. Angst

The hard work of daily survival begins to take its toll on the girls. Tiffany cracks under the pressure she has put on herself trying to keep a sense of normalcy. Nicole draws strength from memories of her father. Holly’s journey comes to an end. The prepper camp continues to devolve even as they make contact with the outside world. Briana discovers the McMillan camp and meets Jason. The keep their continued meetings a secret from both camps

8. Road Trip

Tensions come to a head in the prepper camp. Meanwhile, the isolation of the farm drives the girls to plan a trip to Pioneer City. With the townspeople in need they decide to help, but it exposes them to unknown perils. While they are gone an accident happens on the farm, reminding them of how dangerous their new world really is.

9. Invasion

The daily routine is thrown into chaos when desperation drives outsiders to assault the farm. Following the invasion, a rift forms at the farm between the “Foodies” and the “Gunnies” as the conflicting interests of surviving and thriving are challenged.

10. Return to Town

The farm is a house divided as the two camps split. This takes its toll on both the “Foodies” and the “Gunnies”. The girls decide that the return to barter in Pioneer city might be a good way to bring the two camps back together and bring some balance back to the farm. In Pioneer City they meet with both redemption and temptation.

11. Kidnapping

The girls are reunited with Skylar, who provides them with a darker picture of what’s going on in the outside world. Tragedy in the prepper camp puts them on a collision course with the girls.

12. Wedding

Danny finally pops the question and asks Sandy to marry him. The farm is thrown into a whirlwind of preparation for the wedding. Order is restored to the prepper camp, but tensions begin to rise between Bubba and Nick, who refuses to take responsibility for his part in the kidnapping

Quote of the day

When he had led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, he lifted up his hands and blessed them. While he was blessing them, he left them and was taken up into heaven.