Dooley and Pals

2001 TV-G

Teach your kids life lessons with help from a friendly alien with Dooley and Pals educational videos for kids! Your kids will explore planet Earth and learn life values from Dooley as he travels the globe with the children of his neighborhood as his tour guides. Designed for children aged 2-5, Dooley and Pals is meant to teach educational and moral basics through a series of fun cartoons for kids.

1. A New Friend

When a new child moves into the neighborhood, Maxx is nervous about meeting her. With the help of Dooley and her friends, Maxx is able to recall when Dooley was the new “kid” on the block and eventually works up the courage to welcome the new friend to the neighborhood. Maxx, Dooley and their pals learn that we can become friends with all sorts of people, no matter how different or similar to us they are.

2. A Safe Place

After a near accident threatens M.A.R.T.I.E., Dooley and the gang decide to have a “Safety Day.” The group learns about fire safety, protective gear and how to call 9-1-1. Dooley also stresses emotional safety by demonstrating how friends and family make each other feel safe.

3. 3 Ring Circus

Maxx, Nick and friends return from the circus and tell Dooley all about it. Dooley wishes he could have gone with them to see the sights. To bring the circus to Dooley, the kids dress up and put on make-believe acts for him. While others perform, Nick practices his juggling act, failing again and again as he gets more nervous about going on. With everyone’s encouragement, he shows great progress just by trying and learns that attempting new things is fun and takes practice.

4. Be Good To Your Mother

Mom has an endless list of chores and has to leave before she can finish her yard work. The kids enlist Dooley’s help to finish Mom’s gardening as a nice surprise to show that the people who care for us need care, too. In the process, they raise larger issues about cleaning up Mother Earth, earning that there are simple ways to care for the planet.

5. Home Sweet Home

As a change of pace, Dooley becomes the teacher and helps the kids explore space. As he teaches them about the planets, he becomes homesick for his own star. Maxx can empathize because she’s nervous about leaving home for her first sleepover. They learn that it’s natural to miss familiar things when away from home, but there are ways to make time away from home easier.

6. The Four Seasons

A change of season raises Dooley’s curiosity when it affects Mom’s garden. To learn more, the children and M.A.R.T.I.E. try to build a weather machine, learning how to appreciate nature’s rhythms and respond to them.

7. Surprise!

On Dooley’s birthday, the kids throw him his first-ever birthday party. M.A.R.T.I.E. feels left out because he wasn’t born; he was assembled. The kids help M.A.R.T.I.E. by making him part of the fun as they learn how we all celebrate special events in different ways.

8. Adventure

Dooley’s DooleyVision breaks down on a day when the kids plan to show him the wonders of the rainforest. Instead, the kids take Dooley on a rainforest tour…using the power of their imaginations.

9. Work and Play

When M.A.R.T.I.E.’s repair activities leave the spaceship a mess, Dooley is overwhelmed. The kids organize the clean up, but Nick decides not to join in. After missing out on a day of clean-up fun, he discovers that cooperation gets the job done faster so that everyone can play.

10. See You Later

When Chris announces he’s moving, everyone must deal with the departure until they find out he’s only moving across the street. The neighborhood friends learn that saying goodbye hurts, but there are ways to make it hurt less.

11. The Grumpies

Maxx is in a grumpy mood and it soon spreads to everyone. Dooley watches, dismayed, sure his friends are catching and passing on an illness called, “the grumpies.” By the end of the day, the group learns that dealing openly with bad feelings helps resolve them faster.

12. Family Circle

When Dooley says he misses his family, the kids explore what a family is. Chris has a new sister on the way and is already feeling left out of her family, but Dooley and his pals discover that families come in all shapes and sizes. Though a family can change, it’s still your family, and adding a new member doesn’t mean your parents love you any less.

13. Rainy Day Blues

Everyone has to cancel plans for a picnic when it rains, but the kids find a way to have fun indoors. They learn that sometimes plans have to change, but we can overcome disappointment by coming up with new plans.

14. Feeling Icky

Nick isn’t feeling well and has to go to the doctor. Dooley and M.A.R.T.I.E. are worried about him, but Kayla does her best to reassure her friends by role-playing a visit to the doctor. Together, they learn that knowing what to expect makes new experiences easier.

15. Playing School

M.A.R.T.I.E. is excited with how much he has learned about Earth and wants to learn more. The kids tell him that’s what school is for. Since M.A.R.T.I.E. and Dooley can’t go to school, Mom and the kids bring school to them.

16. Mine, Mine, Mine!

Maxx and Chris argue over who gets to choose what to watch on DooleyVision. Dooley and the kids help them work out a compromise so everyone can have fun, learning that when we share, everyone gets to have a turn to enjoy because friendship is more important than fighting.

17. We Are All Special

The kids are getting ready for a talent show, but Dooley feels bad because he doesn’t have anything special to do for the show. The kids help him understand he’s special for being who he is.

18. Dooley’s Missing Treasure

Dooley is in a panic because he’s lost his beloved stuffed toy named Hippleblat. The kids calm him down and help him mount a search, earth-style. Together, they learn when we put things away in the right place we can find them again next time.

19. The Green-Eyed Monster

Everyone comes to Dooley, complaining about some competitor’s success. Dooley helps them through their bad feelings by showing them how they overcome jealousy on his planet. The friends learn that the success of others does not diminish us.

20. Sweet Dolley Dreams

When Dooley has trouble falling asleep, the kids show him ways to make a nighttime routine fun and easy.

21. Sticks and Stones

Nick and Maxx have a fight and call each other names, which hurts feelings. Dooley and the kids must help Nick and Maxx understand that words can hurt.

22. Promises, Promises

When Ashley promised to help Maxx with an art project and fails to appear, Maxx’s feelings are hurt. The kids help Ashley understand the significance of a promise and how to promise only what can be delivered.

23. Dooley Cries Wolf

Dooley tells the kids of his log entries, which contain wild exaggerations and outright fabrications. When the kids question what he’s doing, Dooley confesses that his daily log entries seem kind of dull. The kids help Dooley see that it’s best to always tell the truth.

24. A Snack To Remember

Dooley and M.A.R.T.I.E. prepare a special meal for their new friends – a gourmet treat from his home. The kids are horrified but don’t want to hurt Dooley’s feelings. They procrastinate eating the new dish by taking care with their personal hygiene, utensils, manners, etc. Eventually, they can delay no more. They finally taste the odd concoction only to discover they actually like it, to Dooley’s delight.

25. Pet Responsibility

After admiring one of the children’s dog, M.A.R.T.I.E. decides a pony will make the perfect pet for Dooley. The children and the neighborhood vet Dr. Arvid must teach M.A.R.T.I.E. the responsibilities associated with having an animal.

26. Taking Care of Business

The kids would rather play than clean the yard, but when Dooley trips and nearly hurts himself, the children learn that it’s important to take care of responsibilities – and when working with a friend or two, work can be play.

27. The Great Pretender

Mom reads a fairy tale to the kids and it triggers fantasies about making whishes. They take turns imagining themselves in different places. When M.A.R.T.I.E has trouble learning to use his imagination the kids teach him how to pretend.

28. Dooley’s New Shoes

Chris gets new shoes, but he doesn’t want to wear them; he likes his old shoes. Dooley decides to get new shoes, too, but also has trouble saying goodbye to his old shoes. The kids learn not to be afraid of change.

29. The Five Senses

When M.A.R.T.I.E.’S eye mechanisms go on the blink, the kids lend a helping hand and learn all about their amazing five senses.

30. Things That Go Bump in the Spaceship

When M.A.R.T.I.E. and Dooley think their spaceship is hunted, Nick and Michael seize the opportunity to play some “ghostly” tricks. The boys soon learn that having fun at the expense of others isn’t really fun at all.

31. Dance to Your Own Beat

Dooley and his pals learn about rhythm in day of song and dance. Chris is afraid he won’t be able to dance as well as his friends, but soon learns that if he follows his own rhythm, he can never go wrong.

32. Great Outdoors

The gang is disappointed when they can’t go along with Nick on his school camping trip. Mom saves the day with a backyard camp-out. Everyone has fun learning about the great outdoors.

33. The Dentist

When Michel gets braces on his teeth, Dooley is curious. The kids teach Dooley all about the dentist.

34. We’re All Different

When Dooley and M.A.R.T.I.E. make another “alien faux pas,” they are embarrassed about being different. Through a variety of examples, everyone learns that differences are what make life interesting. We can learn from our differences and enjoy the things we share.

35. Monkey See, Monkey Do

On the day that Dr. Arvid teaches the kids about primates, a game of “monkey see, monkey do” gets out of hand. Chris learns that he needs to think for himself, not blindly follow Nick. Nick learns that he can be a good role model for Chris.

36. When the Chip is Down

When M.A.R.T.I.E.’s memory chip gets stuck, the gang tries to fix him by jogging his memory with tales of the fun the group has shared.

37. I Love a Parade

The kids decide to march in their own parade, but trouble appears when Nick and Kayla both want to lead. In the end, they find a way to share center stage.

38. A Safer Day

When Dooley finds Nick, Mom and Maxx practicing a fire drill, he wants to learn more. The kids organize a “safety day” and everyone learns something new about safety at home.

39. One Tin Robot Rides Away

Pretending to be pirates, the kids follow clues to a hidden treasure. The clues remind them of many fun days playing in the backyard. M.A.R.T.I.E. learns that memories are a more valuable treasure than gold.

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