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The weekly news-magazine TV program Facing Life Head-On brings pro-life issues to homes across the US and Canada. Host Brad Mattes speaks with a wide variety of laypersons and experts who daily demonstrate their commitment to life. The program covers topics across the spectrum of life issues, including adoption, disability, abortion, cancer, stem cell research and end-of-life care. A three-time Emmy® Award winner, Facing Life Head-On fuses education with entertainment to promote the value of life at all stages.

1. The Dangers of Hormonal Contraception

Dr. Donna Harrison is concerned that many women don’t know what side-effects they could be subjecting their bodies to when choosing to use hormonal contraception.

2. Satan’s Final Frontier – The Sex Industry

The story of Shelley Lubben and her experience with the sex. Her testimony paints a picture of intimidation, cruelty and life-altering physical risks.

3. The Blessings of Big Families Part 1

Speaking of Motherhood is a group comprised of six moms who travel across the country and share their powerful testimonies of family and motherhood.

4. The Blessings of Big Families Part 2

In part two, we hear from the women of Speaking of Motherhood talk about the multiple blessings and challenges that come with raising many children.

5. Uncovering the Dirt on Abortion Mills

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue spearheaded the investigation of 12 abortion mills in Texas.

6. Right to Choose Includes Saying No to Abortion

Attorneys Greg Terra and Stephen Casey talk about the first forced abortion case they took on. Luckily it had a happy outcome.

7. Where There’s Life, There’s Hope Pt 1

When it comes to patients with traumatic brain injuries, Terri Schiavo said, “Where there’s life, there’s hope.” These are the stories of four courageous guests.

8. Where There’s Life, There’s Hope Pt 2

In part two of this powerful episode, Brad hears about the recoveries and current lives of our courageous guests.

9. When the Mother’s Life Hangs in the Balance

The story of Michelle Kingsfield who at 12 weeks pregnant was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

10. Concieved in Rape

Liz Carl shares her story of rape and pregnancy, stressing that even a horrific circumstance can result in happiness and love.

11. Hope for Lilliana

Lilliana Dennis is one year old and living with a chromosomal disorder called Trisomy 18.

12. Fostering Special Needs: A Special Adoption Story

Fostering or adopting a child with severe disabilities can be intimidating. But people like Pat McCollum are shining examples that anyone can rise to the challenge.

13. Pro-Life Voices in Media

TV and video are powerful tools that can be used to reach tens of millions of people. And some pro-lifers are using these tools to great effect.

14. Field of Miracles

Former Cincinnati Reds All-Star Sean Casey has dedicated the last several years to raising funds to build a Miracle Field for special needs kids in Pittsburgh.

15. Teens Making Healthy Choices

Healthy Visions is a week-long program for students that focuses on helping teenagers make better life decisions when it comes to dating, sex and self-image.

16. Empty Nest Adoptions

The couples in this story are living proof that it’s never to late to adopt and provide a child with a loving home and family.

17. New Visual Research Exposes Planned Parenthood 1

Sue Enouen recently conducted some cutting edge research regarding Planned Parenthood’s targeting of minority populations.

18. Miracle Babies, Abortion Survivors

Babies escape abortion more times than people realize and this episode puts faces to a growing segment of society know as abortion survivors.

19. New Visual Research Exposes Planned Parenthood 2

Sue Enouen recently conducted some cutting edge research regarding Planned Parenthood’s targeting of minority populations.

20. Saving the Unborn and Moms in Ethiopia Part 1

Living Hope Maternity Home is providing a safe-haven and a hope for the future for many young girls facing unexpected pregnancies in Ethiopia.

21. Saving the Unborn and Moms in Ethiopia Part 2

The heartbreaking stories of young women in Living Hope Maternity; each end in the life of a precious new baby and a renewed spirit of hope.

22. The Widows of Ethiopia

Adoption Ministry 1:27 is an outreach of Youth With a Mission of Ethiopia that works to care for abandoned widows.

23. Providing Love to Ethiopia’s Downtrodden

Together, the Belete brothers are working to enable elderly people and those with disabilities to lead better lives by providing for their basic needs.

24. The 12 Who Stood for Life

In September of 2011, the hospital mandated that all nursing staff must participate in assessment and operative care for abortion patients. As a pro-lifer, Fe, along with 11 other pro-life nurses, sought the help of attorney Demetrios Stratis and Alliance Defending Freedom. With legal representation, they risked their jobs and stood up for their rights as protected by the federal conscience law.

25. A Texas-Sized Life-or-Death Battle

Donna Campbell is a freshman Texas State Senator and the co-author of a bill that protects Texas unborn babies and their mothers.

26. Giving Help to Teen Moms and Babies

Christa March, founder and president of Teen Mother Choices shares her passion to help teen mothers face and overcome challenges she encountered as a pregnant teenager.

27. Gigi’s Playhouse

Nancy Gianna founded GiGi’s Playhouse 10 years ago as a Down syndrome awareness and educational center.

28. The Sisterhood of Birth Mothers

Spurred by her own need for assistance, birth mother Mary Adams teamed up with Adoption Professionals in Cincinnati to form a support group for birth mothers.

29. Adding Sparkle to the Lives of Special People

The Sparkle Effect is a program that creates inclusive cheerleading and dance teams that bring together students with and without disabilities.

30. A Blessing Times Four

The stories of families with quads.

31. Sibling Survivors

With over 55 million babies aborted, there’s a wounded generation of siblings dealing with anger and guilt over the loss of a sibling.

32. A Family for Every Child

Christy Obie Barrett’s passion for children who’re searching for a forever family led her to found A Family for Every Child in 2007.

33. Snowflake Adoptions

Nightlight Christian Adoptions is a full-service child placement agency in Los Angeles, California that pioneered the first embryo adoption program in 1997.

34. The Tragedy of Suicide

In today’s society, there’s a stigma associated with suicide. With more education, prevention and treatments, some of these lives could be saved.

35. The Stem Cell Debate is Over

Dr. Roberto Bolli is working to find new treatments by generating adult stem cells naturally found in a patient’s own heart.

36. 2016: A Call to Action

Meet key pro-life leaders who understand what’s at stake for America and advance a strategy to bring freedom and strength back to our nation in 2016.

37. Pro-Life Boot Camp

Heart for the Next Generation is a 4-day event in Dayton, Ohio geared at rallying the next generation of young people to boldly take a stand for life.

38. Redifining Beauty: Miss You Can Do It Pageant

Miss You Can Do It is a national non-profit beauty pageant for girls and young women with special needs and challenges.

39. Release from Bondage Part 1

In part one, members of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition detail how the abortion industry is targeting African American women.

40. Release from Bondage Part 2

In part two, members outline tangible ways in which they’re working to educate the black community about how the abortion industry is targeting African American women.

41. Sex Trafficking and the Abortion Connection Part 1

Nita Belles is the Regional Director for Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans and oversees the Central Oregon Human Trafficking Task Force.

42. Sex Trafficking and the Abortion Connection Part 2

In part two of this powerful program, Sula Skiles tells her tragic story of being trafficked overseas while working as model.

43. A Pro-Life Legacy to Last a Lifetime Part 1

Dr. Willke talks about how he and his wife, Barbara, felt compelled to start sharing the pro-life message in the late 1960s.

44. A Pro-Life Legacy to Last a Lifetime Part 2

In part two, Dr. Willke talks about his continued pro-life work focusing on education and research through Life Issues Institute.

45. Victims of Obamacare Part 1

Hear from victims like Bill Elliott of South Carolina are seeing their plans cancelled or premiums astronomically increasing due to the new policy.

46. Victims of Obamacare Part 2

In part two, we hear more stories of those affected by Obamacare.

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