Heavenly Help

2012 Not Rated

Toby Doliphant is looking forward to his summer vacation, having finally freed himself from the pains and frustrations of high school. To his dismay, his parents send him out into the workplace sooner than he planned. With a new job, a difficult new co-worker, and a kooky new boss, Toby feels more lost than ever. Hopeless and confused, Toby sarcastically sends up a prayer for help. To his surprise, his prayer is answered and an angel is sent to guide him. Only Anaiah is a junior angel and Toby is her first assignment. Together, they will embark on a journey that will change them both forever!

1. All Gone Wrong

Toby’s summer vacation is cut short when he finds out he has a job. Feeling discouraged, Toby decides to take some advice from his grandmother.

2. Toby’s Answer

Toby masterminds the perfect plan to get rid of his summer job. However, things change when he receives some unexpected help from an unknown source.

3. King of Obedience

Toby’s parents decide to hire a maid. But what seems like a dream to him, soon becomes a nightmare.

4. Toby Who?

After 19 years of uneventful life, Toby would happily trade in his life for somebody else’s. Will he learn to appreciate his own?

5. Inventory Night

Toby gets a lesson in anger management that he won’t soon forget.

6. Thank You?

The things in Toby’s life have given him more than enough to be thankful. Will he ever learn to be greatful?

7. Physics Genius

Toby finds himself in a jam when he lies about being really-good at physics. He learns the hard way that the truth will set you free.

8. Decisions

Toby learns importance of prayer in this final episode of Heavenly Help.

Quote of the day

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.