Ignite Your Light Kidz

2017 TV-G 30 min

A normal, teenage girl receives a surprise visit from a magic portal transforming her into Princess Estie. A famous Heroine of the Bible takes on a new form in this cute, quirky, fun-loving character. Watch Princess Estie, alongside the mushroom kids, Remmie, and many more characters, as they adventure through Mushroom Candy Land and the Dark Chocolate Berry Forest, fighting the darkness and seeking the Light!

1. Who is Princess Estie?

An average girl from Persia gets thrown into a Magical portal sent from God. Her destiny is to restore hope and light.

2. Moonkie’s Back

An astonishing event occurs when Moonkie goes from darkness to light. Will he finally change for the better?

3. Prince Dilemonny

Watch Princess Estie’s face light up in amazement when a special visitor drops thru a portal into Mushroom Candy Land.

4. Marilla’s in a Tizzy

Marilla, along with new sidekick, Dark Harry, are going crazy trying to stop Princess Estie and friends from fixing Mushroom Candy Land.

5. Home Sweet Home

An unexpected person closest to Princess Estie’s heart falls into a Portal. Will the light in the lands return?

6. Prnicess Estie’s New Dress

Princess Estie needs a new dress. Without money, it’s impossible to buy a new dress; until God answers her prayer!

7. Love Letters

Princess Estie learns an important and valuable lesson, that the Holy bible can also be described as God’s love letters to us.

8. Moonkie’s Story

Discover what went wrong in Mookie’s past and the hurts he faced to cause him to treat people so poorly.

9. Once Upon a Time

Dark Harry’s greed and vanity lead him to his dark destiny, where he was vanished by Queen Jackalina forever.

10. Mushroom Trance

Dark Harry puts the Mushroom kids in a dark trance to release chaos and confusion.

11. Quest for the Magic Box

Princess Estie goes on a quest for a magic box and learns to seek God’s instruction.

12. Barbara’s Beauty Salon

A feisty Hair stylist, Barbara meets Princess Estie when she enters the Beauty Salon. The Princess witnesses about Jesus to her new friend.

13. Princess Estie’s Bestie

Princess Estie’s bestie comes to Mushroom Candy Land after God answers Queen Jackalina and Princess Estie’s prayers.

Quote of the day

Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.