Jeni Seeking the Extraordinary

Jeni: Seeking the Extraordinary is a reality TV series that documents the journey of two young women as they visit different places of interest in the USA. The series is patterned after the successful reality program, TheDRIVEtv, which aired on more than 25 networks, worldwide. Jeni: Seeking the Extraordinary is the ladies version of a road trip that places an emphasis on meeting and talking to women that have risen from ordinary circumstances to do some extraordinary things.

Season One of this series is fast-paced and features Jeni and her co-host, Sarah Woesch, traveling from Michigan to Florida, where they sample great food, visit well known sites, and experience fun, exciting activities such as white water rafting, ATV riding, zip lining and indoor skydiving. Most importantly, they talk with a host of extraordinary women, young and old, about identity, purpose, relationships, beauty, choices, and many other topics of interest for today’s young viewers. Throughout their travels, Jeni and Sarah have fun, but they always bring each episode back to one central theme: teaching young ladies about God’s grace in their lives and addressing relevant issues in a redemptive way.


Jeni Molitor, Sarah Woesch


Action, Adventure, Family, Reality, Series