Life Focus

2007 TV-PG

Life Focus portrays how everyday people use their faith and courage to solve personal problems, help others and strengthen their community.

1. Hurricane Katrina Remembered

After the Gulf Coast was hit by Hurricane Katrina, many kinds of markings were left on the abandoned buildings, telling the story of the tragedies the hurricane left in its wake. “One Dead in Attic” was written on the door of 72-year-old Thomas Coleman, the grandfather of 21-year-old Stacy Howard. The last Stacey saw of him was the night she took food and water to her grandparent’s home. Her grandfather sent everyone away so he would protect his home in the 9th ward. Stacey represents just one person still devastated financially and emotionally from Katrina. In just one weekend, everything she had known – her home, family, friends and neighborhood – disappeared. We’ll meet just a few faces of those displaced and still looking for home- a year after the hurricane hit. You will be struck by how resilient the human spirit is, even when experiencing life’s deepest sorrows.

2. Myspace Invasion

With over 105 million members, Myspace is literally one of the biggest hits on the internet. But as the popularity of this teen social networking site grows, so do the crimes such as sexual exploitation, kidnapping and even murder. Rochelle and Larry Lee of Seattle Washington were terrorized when their 14-year old daughter was encouraged to leave home through a friend she made on a popular teen website. It’s a tragedy that they thought could never happen to them.

3. Cain’s Redemption

Warden Cain developed a rigorous daily routine for prisoners in the Louisiana State Penitentiary offering hope to lifers like Ron Hick by 0urning incarceration into rehabilitation.

4. Maria Living In Fear

Life Focus portrays how every day people use their faith and courage to solve personal problems, help others and strengthen their community.

5. Profile of a Profiler

Step into the minds of killers and rapists through the eyes of Former FBI agent Roger DePue. On this edition of Life Focus, we’ll see how the dark side of life led him to a life journey to understand the absolute nature of good and evil.

6. Snow Baby

This is a story about the journey through embryo adoption and the issues that surround the 400,000 frozen embryos left over from successful in-vitro fertilizations.

7. Hooked

Meet those who live each day with the shame and secrecy of uncontrollable, destructive cravings and discovers how they are bravely learning to beat their addictions.

8. Betrayal of Heart

On this edition of Life Focus, active cheaters and those who have come through an affair reveal the enticing and dangerous roller coaster ride of adultery.

9. Abduction of the Mind

Teenage years are some of the most difficult years of a person’s life and as Life Focus found out, it can be a very dangerous time as well.

10. Blood Covenant

Michael Franzese was described as one of the most powerful and fearsome Mafia bosses in America…until he fell in love with Camille Garcia, a young woman who convinced him to turn himself in. His ‘choice for love’ meant imprisonment and could have cost him his life, but today Franzese lives to tell about it. Don’t miss his riveting interview with Life Focus.

11. Children are a Gift

Author David Pelzer, a survivor of life-threatening abuse, discusses the epidemic levels of child abuse and how foster parents can help.

12. Dating Games

Technology and face paced trends have taken over the traditional dating game and dating entrepreneurs are stepping in to fill the new demands.

13. Finding Foreman

On this episode, you’ll be surprised to learn the forces that once drove George Foreman to win Olympic gold at all costs, have changed.

14. From Custody to Care

In this episode, we follow the Jacobs’ family and see how their lives were torn apart by an incident that made child protection services step in.

15. Ho, Ho & Oh?

In this episode, we’ll see how those once stressed with the Christmas craze are learning to cope.

16. 90 Minutes in Heaven

In this episode, we’ll hear accounts from those who tell of their remarkable journey back from beyond.

17. Living with MS

Multiple Sclerosis is a silent disease and many people who have it may not even know. Yet, it can also be fatal when symptoms increase. In this episode of Life Focus, we share the lives of two remarkable women who suffer from MS but continue to live their lives with optimism and purpose. Their goal is to let people know there is life after being diagnosed with MS.

18. Life on the Corner

The backdrop of Vancouver’s beautiful mountain range is shaded by its dark reputation. Stories of former prostitutes and addicts.

19. Menopause Mania

On this episode, well be discussing menopause and meet three women who have faced it with grace, adventure and humor.

20. Overweight Teens

On this edition of Life Focus, we look at the lives of those who are having life-altering weight loss surgery so they can finally lose weight.

21. Saved from the Sex Industry

Heather Veitch became a stripper in 1995 when she was 21 years old. She made $1,200 to $2,000 a night, appeared in four soft-core fetish films and lived life on the wild side. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Muscoy, a town of 9,000 people in San Bernardino County, Veitch grew up skinny, poor, and sad. “I was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks,” she said, recalling how she was teased by her peers and raped by family members. Soon Heather found herself in a job that paid well, but that encouraged and fed on her low self-esteem. In this episode, we’ll meet those in the strip-club culture who feel trapped in hopeless circumstances, unable to leave their high-paying jobs in the sex industry, but wishing they could.

22. They Call Me Maria

Latin American women tell their tales of crossing the U.S. border illegally and share the motivations that drove them to live in fear’s shadow in America.

23. Trail to Truth

Life Focus uncovers how Police Captain Paul Echols, inspired by his faith brought a killer to justice nearly a quarter of a century later.

24. A Place Called Sketch

World-wide, on any given day, nearly 100 million children are homeless. Though life on the streets is dangerous, often times, it can be safer than the abusive homes these children are fleeing. Forced to fend for themselves, street-involved youth struggle to overcome poverty, isolation, unemployment and hopelessness. Take a journey as you hear about their struggle to survive

25. Starving to Survive

In this episode, we’ll journey through the lives of women who share the pains of dealing with eating disorders, and we’ll see their fight to recover.

26. We’re No One Here

A look at the plight of Mexican immigrants living in the United States.

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