Mission Reality

2010 TV-PG

Follows students who take a mission trip of a lifetime! With a camera crew in tow, 9 students were given the opportunity to take a journey to poverty stricken countries across the world with the opportunity to feed and care for the poor and needy. Every aspect of this trip was documented creating an entertaining series unlike any out there.

1. Africa

The team is in Nairobi, Kenya somewhere in Mathare, one of the world’s largest slums.

2. Mama Maria’s

The crew sets up camp at Mama Maria’s Orphan home.

3. New Shoes

The crew have some troubles purchasing 200 pairs of shoes to donate the children of the orphanage.

4. Schillings

Each member continues to decide how to change someone’s life with the 20,000 schillings they’ve been given.

5. Guatemala

The crew spends some time in Guatemala helping some of the poorest communities and the school, DAR.

6. New Hope

The team finds out a home they’ve been building has just been demolished.

7. India

The team heads to India.

8. Not in the Loop

Not everyone likes not knowing the plans, but are learning how to be prepared for the unknown as Tammy likes keeping upcoming events a surprise.

9. Touring India

The crew spends some time shopping and touring India before traveling to minister at a church.

10. Leper Colony

Some of the crew are a little apprehensive about their visit to a leper colony.

11. Holyland Childrens Home

The crew spends time at the Holyland Children’s Home and Medical Clinic.

12. Exhausted

The crew spends time at a second leper colony. Things are winding down as their trip is nearing an end.

13. Home

Everyone reflects on their last few weeks of missionary work as they prepare to head back home.

Quote of the day

You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.