Pastor Greg Sitcom – Season 1

Greg was a playboy gambling, drinking fool, living in the fast lane until God slammed on his brakes. Now Pastor Greg’s life really starts with new friends, a new life and a new beginning. In this family comedy premier, Greg is assigned to his first church which is being run by a bossy secretary, the fussy business manager, the nervous young pastor, and a maintenance man who’s also the town mayor. Chaos breaks loose when they accidentally schedule a funeral, a wedding and a children’s play all in the same day. To top it off, Pastor Greg (who they haven’t met yet) shows up a day early. More mayhem is waiting when he gets to the church where the staff thinks he is a homeless guy who needs a handout. Pastor Greg will make you laugh out loud and keep you begging for more.


Greg Robbins, Jim Young, Laura Romeo, Scottio Arnold, Shelby Young


Comedy, Family, Series