Pastor Greg Sitcom

2005 TV-PG

Greg was a playboy gambling, drinking fool, living in the fast lane until God slammed on his brakes. Now Pastor Greg’s life really starts with new friends, a new life and a new beginning. In this family comedy premier, Greg is assigned to his first church which is being run by a bossy secretary, the fussy business manager, the nervous young pastor, and a maintenance man who’s also the town mayor. Chaos breaks loose when they accidentally schedule a funeral, a wedding and a children’s play all in the same day. To top it off, Pastor Greg (who they haven’t met yet) shows up a day early. More mayhem is waiting when he gets to the church where the staff thinks he is a homeless guy who needs a handout. Pastor Greg will make you laugh out loud and keep you begging for more.

1. Impressions

Reformed, gambling, playboy turned Pastor – Pastor Greg arrives at his new church.

2. Friendship

The annual church picnic goes awry.

4. Patience

Pastor Greg continues to “help” George. Part Two.

5. Faith

A frustrated singer and skeptical racquetball player are both challenged to “put God to the test”.

6. Fear

All members of the cast must overcome their individual fears and phobias.

7. Service

The bulletins don’t arrive in time for Sunday service!

8. Commitment

The gang holds a variety show to raise money to send to an orphanage.

9. Jealousy

Lori and Flo get a visit from that good old friend…jealousy.

10. Risk

Frank goes on a date and Flo speaks at a youth convention. Pastor Greg, Lori and John try to help them both, but nothing goes as planned.

11. Hope

Pastor Greg delivers a Christmas sermon and a baby in an elevator.

12. Confusion

Pastor Greg is seeing people that really aren’t there and Lori thinks Flo is leaving the church.

13. Temptation

Pastor Greg gets a visit from his old girlfriend Missy who comes to take him back to their old ways.

14. Anger

A teenager breaks into the Church and Pastor Greg helps her to find her father.

15. Responsibility

After Pastor Greg finds out he has a teenage daughter, they try to get along.

16. Spooky

Pastor Greg and the gang venture off to get a bedroom set, they end up in Boggs Hollow where things get a bit spooky.

17. Shame

A friend of Kat’s thinks she is pregnant, a youth in the Church is viewing things on the web he shouldn’t and Greg has had enough with the filth on TV. Let the games begin!

18. Love

Pastor Greg helps a couple save their marriage and is love in the air for Greg and Lori?

19. Lost

Pastor Greg helps Flo face his fears so the gang heads out on a road trip.

20. Teenagers

Pastor Greg helps a teen who has been on inappropriate websites.

21. The Audit

John gets a letter stating the IRS is auditing the church.

22. A New Building

Pastor Greg finds out the property has been sold with plans to bulldoze the church.

Quote of the day

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.