2012 TV-PG

Peculiar is a show about a college kid trying to figure out his faith in a weird world. Blake Goodman was a star athlete in High School with multiple scholarship offers. After a car wreck that wasn?t his fault he found his life turned upside down without a lot of options. Now he?s staying at home, going to the only college he can afford, and trying to figure out how his new faith impacts his new life.

1. Pilot

After a car wreck, Blake Goodman is staying home, going to the only college he can afford, and figuring how his new faith impacts his life.

2. Love One Another

Blake Goodman’s past catches up with him. He confronts an old enemy and makes a new friend.

3. Exclusions

Blake Goodman faces some hard truths about his faith.

4. Love & Sex

Sarah wants to take her relationship with Blake to the next physical level, and his mom makes a surprise announcement.

5. Jesus in a Bubble

Blake visits a Christian bookstore for the first time, and struggles to find the balance of being in the world while not being part of it.

6. Choices

Blake must decide if he is just saying he is a Christian, or if he is really going to follow Christ.

7. Arguments

It’s the first episode from a new semester! A few months have passed and Blake is still avoiding Sarah and Professor Fitzpatrick.

8. Place

Blake wonders what his life might have been, and Jamie and Jason take him to a homeless ministry.

9. The Gay One

Blake and Jason hear news that puts the CSM in danger of closing.

10. Mouth

Blake and Jason end up in trouble when they say some things they shouldn’t.

Quote of the day

Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.