Quick Study: Year 1

2015 Not Rated

Quick Study is a program designed and dedicated to helping viewers understand the Bible, taking them through the Word of God in one year. Join Rod, Janice and Corie Hambree for shocking discoveries through Quick Study TV.

1. Quick Study Jan 1

Genesis 3:1-15
We are wise when we do not add to God’s Word!

2. Quick Study Jan 2

Genesis 6:1-12
We will be wise when we realize fallen angels are real and evil!

3. Weekend QS Jan 3-4

Genesis 11:1-11
Mankind tries to achieve safety through his own work!

4. Quick Study Jan 5

Genesis 17:1-14
Promises from God are clear to us if we are truly listening to Him!

5. Quick Study Jan 6

Genesis 22:1-14
God is the God of everything if we listen to Him and His call!

6. Quick Study Jan 7

Genesis 26:1-11
The promise of God is real, because Abraham obeyed God!

7. Quick Study Jan 8

Genesis 30:1-15
Waiting for God is often started by denying yourself!

8. Quick Study Jan 9

Genesis 35:1-12
Reasoning with God means you put off all other gods!

9. Weekend QS Jan 10-11

Reading: Genesis 42-45
Great help comes from great wealth. God is the source of both!

10. Quick Study Jan 12

Reading: Genesis 46-48
Times for great beginnings come to those who humble themselves.

11. Quick Study Jan 13

Reading: Genesis 49-50Death is not the end for those captured in God’s grip!

12. Quick Study Jan 14

Reading: Exodus 1-4
Times for great beginnings come to those who humble themselves.

13. Quick Study Jan 15

Reading: Exodus 5-8
The people of Egypt were being spoken to by God and not by man!

14. Quick Study Jan 16

Reading: Exodus 9-12
God made a decision to punish the stern “no” of Pharaoh!

15. Weekend QS Jan 17-18

Reading: Exodus 17-20
The covenant of God was never to harm anyone, but to resolve God’s people!

16. Quick Study Jan 19

Reading: Exodus 21-23
The mark of God means that when you are married, you are one!

17. Quick Study Jan 20

Reading: Exodus 24-27
God calls us to a blood covenant! His covenants are important!

18. Quick Study Jan 21

Reading: Exodus 28-31
God calls us to ready ourselves for the order and priesthood we have all received!

19. Quick Study Jan 22

Reading: Exodus 32-35
The fashion of gods means we are playing with idols!

20. Quick Study Jan 23

Reading: Exodus 36-38
The Lord commanded that the artist be in charge of the worship!

21. Weekend QS Jan 24-25

Reading: Leviticus 1-4
Offerings were from the LIVESTOCK not the used and abused animals of the stock.

22. Quick Study Jan 26

Reading: Leviticus 5-7
To touch anything unclean is a sin! We must deal with it!

23. Quick Study Jan 27

Reading: Leviticus 8-10
God uses man as His representation. The high priest is a human!

24. Quick Study Jan 28

Reading: Leviticus 11-13
Clean and unclean animals are mentioned in the Bible for eating. What does it mean?

25. Quick Study Jan 29

Reading: Leviticus 14-15
The cost of sin is death, but Jesus Christ paid the price.

26. Quick Study Jan 30

Reading: Leviticus 16-17
God must be addressed as God when we come to Him.

27. Weekend QS Jan 31-Feb 1

Reading: Leviticus 21-23
Holiness is something we thrive for in the priesthood. We cannot get it without God.

28. Quick Study Feb 2

Reading: Leviticus 24-25
Lamps, bread and frankincense are the key ingredients for study.

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29. Quick Study Feb 3

Reading: Leviticus 26-27
We become wise when we chose to worship the God of Abraham.

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30. Quick Study Feb 4

Reading: Numbers 1-2
There is wisdom in the traditional family. We must gain that wisdom.

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31. Quick Study Feb 5

Reading: Numbers 3-4
God’s holiness is real, and cannot be substituted.

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32. Quick Study Feb 6

Reading: Numbers 5-6
Being unclean is unfair and a problem. What can we do?

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33. Weekend QS Feb 7-8

Reading: Numbers 8-10
The light in the Temple was from one piece of gold.

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34. Quick Study Feb 9

Reading: Numbers 11-13
Complaining against God is not a privilege that God rewards!

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35. Quick Study Feb 10

Reading: Numbers 14-15
The challenge of God is hard, but it is good! If we choose to move into it!

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36. Quick Study Feb 11

Reading: Numbers 16-17
Rebels took too much upon themselves! They thought they could overthrow God!

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37. Quick Study Feb 12

Reading: Numbers 18-20
The priesthood is a burden of responsibility representing the people before God!

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38. Quick Study Feb 13

Reading: Numbers 21-22
There is freedom in doing things God’s way instead of your own way!

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39. Weekend QS Feb 14-15

Reading: Numbers 26-27
God responds to problems with fairness in God’s law.

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40. Quick Study Feb 16

Reading: Numbers 28-30
We must do what we say, and say what we do!

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41. Quick Study Feb 17

Reading: Numbers 31-32
God is at war with sin! We should be too! Jesus Christ is our weapon!

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42. Quick Study Feb 18

Reading: Numbers 33-34
God provided for the people. They camped at the place of 12 springs and 70 palm trees.

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43. Quick Study Feb 19

Reading: Numbers 35-36
The cities of the Levites were prepared with special care!

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44. Quick Study Feb 20

Reading: Deuteronomy 1-2
The journey takes 40 years! Egypt had to get out of the people!

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45. Weekend QS Feb 21-22

Reading: Deuteronomy 5-7
God speaks in such a way that includes all different personalities.

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46. Quick Study Feb 23

Reading: Deuteronomy 8-10
God makes the change of faith from people of Egypt to people in Israel.

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47. Quick Study Feb 24

Reading: Deuteronomy 11-13
God is great through His work! People see Him in the things that cannot be moved.

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48. Quick Study Feb 25

Reading: Deuteronomy 14-16
If we love God, we are chosen to be His! We must be people of faith!

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49. Quick Study Feb 26

Reading: Deuteronomy 17-20
Faith is serious, if we believe in Jesus Christ.

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50. Quick Study Feb 27

Reading: Deuteronomy 21-23
Human life is sacred! Nothing can match it! We must honour it!

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51. Weekend QS Feb 28-Mar 1

Reading: Deuteronomy 28-29
We receive the favour of God among the nations of the world when we obey God!

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52. Quick Study March 2

Reading: Deuteronomy 30-31
When we acknowledge our sins, God changes the way we see ourselves.

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53. Quick Study March 3

Reading: Deuteronomy 32
The name of our God is good and vast, it changes and transforms things!

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54. Quick Study March 4

Reading: Deuteronomy 33-34
God comes to His people with the law in His hand! God does not waste time!

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55. Quick Study March 5

Reading: Joshua 1-3
God promises to be with Joshua, as long as Joshua obeys God.

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56. Quick Study March 6

Reading: Joshua 4-6
God commands that the first thing Israel does is to remember who brought them!

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57. Weekend QS March 7-8

Reading: Joshua 9-10
We are often tricked by the obvious. This is the problem with lying and manipulating!

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58. Quick Study March 9

Reading: Joshua 11-13
There is a great evil enemy against us, it is Satan! He hates all men and women.

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59. Quick Study March 10

Reading: Joshua 14-16
The heart of Caleb is good! He explains the good things of the promised land!

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60. Quick Study March 11

Reading: Joshua 17-19
People loose their way, and do not pursue! We must pursue and get what God has for us!

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61. Quick Study March 12

Reading: Joshua 20-22
We must see human life as sacred. God plans protection in His cities.

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62. Quick Study March 13

Reading: Joshua 23-24
God is our deliverer! He does not waste time or space.

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63. Weekend QS March 14-15

Reading: Judges 4-5
When we do evil in the sight of the Lord we lose our grip on reality.

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64. Quick Study March 16

Reading: Judges 6-7
The people of God are impoverished because they ignore God!

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65. Quick Study March 17

Reading: Judges 8-9
In the absence of leadership there is a chance for the people to assume to be leaders.

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66. Quick Study March 18

Reading: Judges 10-11
Jephthah is rejected by men and driven from the land, but he is God’s leader?

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67. Quick Study March 19

Reading: Judges 12-14
God delivers Israel through a barren couple, as a sign of His rescue!

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68. Quick Study March 20

Reading: Judges 15-17
Samson is a strong man, but he is lead by the Holy Spirit!

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69. Weekend QS March 21-22

Reading: Judges 20-21
The people of God must understand that God is not theirs by heritage!

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70. Quick Study March 23

Reading: Ruth 1-4
The woman Naomi realizes that her daughters need to be released.

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71. Quick Study March 24

Reading: 1 Samuel 1-2
The true wife is troubled with great stress and confusion!

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72. Quick Study March 25

Reading: 1 Samuel 3-5
He hears the call but not the caller! How does Samuel know God?

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73. Quick Study March 26

Reading: 1 Samuel 6-8
The nation rejects God and desires a king! How is Samuel to take this rejection?

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74. Quick Study March 27

Reading: 1 Samuel 9-11
The true signs followed Saul’s anointing, but Saul was to wait for the prophet’s prayer!

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75. Weekend QS March 28-29

Reading: 1 Samuel 15-16
The demise od Amalek did not happen because of Israel’s bad king!

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76. Quick Study March 30

Reading: 1 Samuel 17-18
Goliath is huge! There is no way Israel can bring him down!

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77. Quick Study March 31

Reading: 1 Samuel 19-21
David is confused! He asked the questions, “What is my sin? What is my iniquity?”

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78. Quick Study April 1

Reading: 1 Samuel 22-24
There are many men in trouble while Saul is king! The nation is very devided.

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79. Quick Study April 2

Reading: 1 Samuel 25-27
David begins to plan destruction because his request is refused.

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80. Quick Study April 3

Reading: 1 Samuel 28-31
A stand is made by David to fight with the Philistines! It will not prevail!

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81. Weekend QS April 4-5

Reading: 2 Samuel 4-6
Saul’s men are displaced in Israel. There are strange men placed in charge of the troops.

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82. Quick Study April 6

Reading: 2 Samuel 7-10
Sometimes prophets do not speak the same words as God!

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83. Quick Study April 7

Reading: 2 Samuel 11-13
Trouble comes when we are alone with our thoughts. We must pray God helps us.

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84. Quick Study April 8

Reading: 2 Samuel 14-16
Treason does not occur in short bursts of time. Absalom develops it over time.

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85. Quick Study April 9

Reading: 2 Samuel 17-19
Wisdom from God comes as we spend time seeking His help and direction!

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86. Quick Study April 10

Reading: 2 Samuel 20-22
Rebellion was encouraged by Absalom’s supporters in David’s kingdom.

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87. Weekend QS April 11-12

Reading: 1 Kings 1-2
King David needs help to live! He does not rebuke his son! Solomon becomes king!

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88. Quick Study April 13

Reading: 1 Kings 3-5
Solomon is wise, but his still falls down in the end!

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89. Quick Study April 14

Reading: 1 Kings 6-7
Solomon creates the temple with great detail, but nothing substitutes the presence of God!

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90. Quick Study April 15

Reading: 1 Kings 8-10
The Ark of God takes careful planning to move! How will they do it?

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91. Quick Study April 16

Reading: 1 Kings 11-12
Solomon builds tools to his demon friends! God is offended!

Coming Soon!
92. Quick Study April 17

Reading: 1 Kings 13-15
The Lord is tired of failure! Jeroboam is condemned and his nation will die!

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93. Weekend QS April 18-19

Reading: 1 Kings 19-20
The prophet Elijah is awakened by God! He is not listening to Him!

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94. Quick Study April 20

Reading: 1 Kings 21-22
Ahab is a spoiled brat! He cannot stand someone saying “no” to him!

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95. Quick Study April 21

Reading: 2 Kings 1-3
God is alive and well in Israel, but the king of Israel is not paying attention to God!

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96. Quick Study April 22

Reading: 2 Kings 4-5
The prophet is not able to take care of his family! When he dies, they are desperate!

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97. Quick Study April 23

Reading: 2 Kings 6-8
Seeing the future is a skilled gift, but unless instructed by God, it is dangerous!

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98. Quick Study April 24

Reading: 2 Kings 9-11
God makes a decision about Jezebel. The man of God puts it in motion!

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99. Weekend QS April 25-26

Reading: 2 Kings 15-17
It is wise to set in motion worshipping God, because God is the only One who makes us right when we worship Him!

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100. Quick Study April 27

Reading: 2 Kings 18-20
Hezekiah is a king whose standards are compared to king David!

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101. Quick Study April 28

Reading: 2 Kings 21-23
He is the polar opposite of Hezekiah the good king! Evil leads in the capital!

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102. Quick Study April 29

Reading: 2 Kings 24-25
The fall of Judah is prophesied by the prophets. Now they must live with the reality.

Coming Soon!
103. Quick Study April 30

Reading: 1 Chronicles 1-3
Times that God steps in to help! Times that God does not step in to help!

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104. Quick Study May 1

Reading: 1 Chronicles 4-6
He is consumed by his own selfish desire. What will it look like in 100 years?

Coming Soon!
105. Weekend QS May 2-3

Reading: 1 Chronicles 10-13
He is consumed by his own selfish desire. What will it look like in 100 years?

Coming Soon!
106. Quick Study May 4

Reading: 1 Chronicles 14-16
David establishes himself as king, but not through ruling over men and women.

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107. Quick Study May 5

Reading: 1 Chronicles 17-19
David regains remarkable success over his enemies! How does he do it?

Coming Soon!
108. Quick Study May 6

Reading: 1 Chronicles 20-22
David’s men gain remarkable success over the giant enemies!

Coming Soon!
109. Quick Study May 7

Reading: 1 Chronicles 23-25
The Levites are assigned specific responsibilities. God calls each of us to a task.

Coming Soon!
110. Quick Study May 8

Reading: 1 Chronicles 26-27
The gatekeepers are called to specific tasks. We are all responsible for our work.

Coming Soon!
111. Weekend QS May 9-10

Reading: 2 Chronicles 1-3
The Temple is made powerful by the offerings of the people!

Coming Soon!
112. Quick Study May 11

Reading: 2 Chronicles 4-6
The Temple is finished. The items arrive and the Ark of the Covenant is put in its place.

Coming Soon!
113. Quick Study May 12

Reading: 2 Chronicles 7-9
Praising God is the best response to His presence! We must be thankful people.

Coming Soon!
114. Quick Study May 13

Reading: 2 Chronicles 10-12
War comes to Rehoboam because he does not listen to good reason.

Coming Soon!
115. Quick Study May 14

Reading: 2 Chronicles 13-16
Protection is gained by Judah but not by God. There is a cost to temporary help

Coming Soon!
116. Quick Study May 15

Reading: 2 Chronicles 17-19
Jehoshaphat does well by following the ways of David. He loves God personally!

Coming Soon!
117. Weekend QS May 16-17

Reading: 2 Chronicles 23-25
God commands that the sons of David reign. The young King is in position.

Coming Soon!
118. Quick Study May 18

Reading: 2 Chronicles 26-28
The King does well but the people do not! We are accountable for our actions.

Coming Soon!
119. Quick Study May 19

Reading: 2 Chronicles 29-30
The Kings is keen to open God’s temple. This is an important step for Israel.

Coming Soon!
120. Quick Study May 20

Reading: 2 Chronicles 31-32
The king knows how to change things, but the people must change too!

Coming Soon!
121. Quick Study May 21

Reading: 2 Chronicles 33-34
Josiah begins to reform the way that Judah and Israel worships. We must do the same.

Coming Soon!
122. Quick Study May 22

Reading: 2 Chronicles 35-36
Josiah commands that the Ark of God be put back where it is supposed to be.

Coming Soon!
123. Weekend QS May 23-24

Reading: Ezra 3-4
Men make their offerings to God even though it is a big risk!

Coming Soon!
124. Quick Study May 25

Reading: Ezra 5-6
The Temple is rebuilt with funding from the Persians and labour from the men of Judah!

Coming Soon!
125. Quick Study May 26

Reading: Ezra 7-8
God’s house requires special servants to take care of it!

Coming Soon!
126. Quick Study May 27

Reading: Ezra 9-10
There is hope for Israel! They desire to make their mistakes right before God!

Coming Soon!
127. Quick Study May 28

Reading: Nehemiah 1-3
Nehemiah displays sadness to the king! Nehemiah bears the risk of being killed!

Coming Soon!
128. Quick Study May 29

Reading: Nehemiah 4-6
Men and women are in debt. They are losing their ability to live!

Coming Soon!
129. Weekend QS May 30-31

Reading: Nehemiah 10-13
The people must deal with their past offense to come clean before God.

Coming Soon!
130. Quick Study June 1

Reading: Esther 1-2
The king parties for 180 days! He shows the world how powerful he is…but he is not.

Coming Soon!
131. Quick Study June 2

Reading: Esther 3-5
Mordecai refuses to bow before Haman. He is ready to die for his faith.

Coming Soon!
132. Quick Study June 3

Reading: Esther 6-8
The king is completely unaware that his law has outcast the Jews!

Coming Soon!
133. Quick Study June 4

Reading: Esther 9-10
The celebration of a holiday is to be honoured. God rewards those who do the things He says.

Coming Soon!
134. Quick Study June 5

Reading: Job 1-3
Job sacrifices for his children and has many possessions. He loves God!

Coming Soon!
135. Weekend QS June 6-7

Reading: Job 7-9
Job explains that God is the creator of all things in heaven and on earth.

Coming Soon!
136. Quick Study June 8

Reading: Job 10-12
Job explains that all wisdom is not contained in the thinking of men.

Coming Soon!
137. Quick Study June 9

Reading: Job 13-15
Job explains that all our life is judged at the end of it. We should consider this.

Coming Soon!
138. Quick Study June 10

Reading: Job 16-19
Job cries out that he is being tormented by what his friends are saying to him.

Coming Soon!
139. Quick Study June 11

Reading: Job 20-22
Job cries out that the wicked seem to do well in the midst of telling God off!

Coming Soon!
140. Quick Study June 12

Reading: Job 23-26
Job cries out to God! But God is silent, because Job is being tested.

Coming Soon!
141. Weekend QS June 13-14

Reading: Job 30-31
Job has made a covenant with God, but God still doesn’t answer!

Coming Soon!
142. Quick Study June 15

Reading: Job 32-34
Elihu claims that men must demand justice, but God is the One we should seek.

Coming Soon!
143. Quick Study June 16

Reading: Job 35-37
Elihu claims that God speaks with power and strength. This doesn’t help Job!

Coming Soon!
144. Quick Study June 17

Reading: Job 38-40
God answers Job from the storm, and asks him more then 80 questions.

Coming Soon!
145. Quick Study June 18

Reading: Job 41-42
Job asks forgiveness from God for his lack of understanding and knowledge of Him

Coming Soon!
146. Quick Study June 19

Reading: Psalms 1-5
Psalms claims that we must keep ourselves out of darkness and away from ungodliness.

Coming Soon!
147. Weekend QS June 20-21

Reading: Psalms 10-13
There are times when people speak with double minds!

Coming Soon!
148. Quick Study June 22

Reading: Psalms 14-17
There are scriptures that explain the people of God. Why they do what they do.

Coming Soon!
149. Quick Study June 23

Reading: Psalms 18-19
God never stops speaking! Day and night, the sun and stars are all saying something about God.

Coming Soon!
150. Quick Study June 24

Reading: Psalms 20-22
God promises to move no matter what. Times of depression or despair do not stop Him!

Coming Soon!
151. Quick Study June 25

Reading: Psalms 23-25
God promises to move us into His plan! This is the best plan for our lives!

Coming Soon!
152. Quick Study June 26

Reading: Psalms 26-29
He will not sit with the counsel of the wicked. Christ will reign over them.

Coming Soon!
153. Weekend QS June 27-28

Reading: Psalms 33-35
God’s name is to be exalted! We are people of praise, we must praise the Lord!

Coming Soon!
154. Quick Study June 29

Reading: Psalms 36-37
If we delight ourselves in the Lord He will give us the desires of our heart!

Coming Soon!
155. Quick Study June 30

Reading: Psalms 38-40
It is hard if we chose to hold on to our sin! We must give it to the Lord!

Coming Soon!
156. Quick Study July 1

Reading: Psalms 41-43
God expects us to be honest in our prayers. We must tell the truth!

Coming Soon!
157. Quick Study July 2

Reading: Psalms 44-45
The real church knows that truth, humility and righteousness are the keys.

Coming Soon!
158. Quick Study July 3

Reading: Psalms 46-48
God is our strength and our refuge, even if the earth disintegrates around us!

Coming Soon!
159. Weekend QS July 4-5

Reading: Psalms 52-55
The one who loves lies is dedicate to evil! He is committed to destruction.

Coming Soon!
160. Quick Study July 6

Reading: Psalms 56-58
What can flesh do to us if we are trusting in the work of God?

Coming Soon!
161. Quick Study July 7

Reading: Psalms 59-61
There are those who hate God’s men and women for no reason!

Coming Soon!
162. Quick Study July 8

Reading: Psalms 62-65
There is a good time to wait on God! We must rest in waiting on Him!

Coming Soon!
163. Quick Study July 9

Reading: Psalms 66-68
Make a joyful shout to God! We must praise God every day.

Coming Soon!
164. Quick Study July 10

Reading: Psalms 69-71
The waters are to my neck oh Lord!

Coming Soon!
165. Weekend QS July 11-12

Reading: Psalms 74-76
God allows devastation for a reason! It speaks of what is wrong with us!

Coming Soon!
166. Quick Study July 13

Reading: Psalms 77-78
When we call out to God, He tells us the truth about what is wrong with us!

Coming Soon!
167. Quick Study July 14

Reading: Psalms 79-80
We must call out to God in our distress! We have sinned!

Coming Soon!
168. Quick Study July 15

Reading: Psalms 81-84
Good and Godly revelation can begin with a problem!

Coming Soon!
169. Quick Study July 16

Reading: Psalms 85-87
God turns away His anger when people change their attitudes toward Him.

Coming Soon!
170. Quick Study July 17

Reading: Psalms 88-89
Being cut off from God’s hand is how we feel when we are struggling!

Coming Soon!
171. Weekend QS July 18-19

Reading: Psalms 93-96
The Lord reigns! His place is established from eternal.

Coming Soon!
172. Quick Study July 20

Reading: Psalms 97-99
Righteousness and justice are the foundations of God’s throne!

Coming Soon!
173. Quick Study July 21

Reading: Psalms 100-103
We must approach God with praise! We are to worship Him with singing and gladness.

Coming Soon!
174. Quick Study July 22

Reading: Psalms 104-105
The Bible says that God is clothed in light! And we know that God is Creator of science.

Coming Soon!
175. Quick Study July 23

Reading: Psalms 106-107
Who can utter the mighty acts of God? We know that declaring God’s acts is impossible!

Coming Soon!
176. Quick Study July 24

Reading: Psalms 108-110
We must keep our heart strong and steadfast in the Lord!

Coming Soon!
177. Weekend QS July 25-26

Reading: Psalms 115-118
God is not limited by the strong forces of the universe… He made them!

Coming Soon!
178. Quick Study July 27

Reading: Psalms 119
We are blessed as we walk in the way of the Word!

Coming Soon!
179. Quick Study July 28

Reading: Psalms 120-125
There are those who lie about God! They are warriors who will be defeated!

Coming Soon!
180. Quick Study July 29

Reading: Psalms 126-131
God brings restoration to Israel and He brings restoration to people today!

Coming Soon!
181. Quick Study July 30

Reading: Psalms 132-136
David needs to find a place for God to dwell! This will give David comfort!

Coming Soon!
182. Quick Study July 31

Reading: Psalms 137-141
We will sing a song of sorrow, when we are faced with our own fall!

Coming Soon!
183. Weekend QS August 1-2

Reading: Psalms 147-150
Praise to God who is worthy! We praise God because He can take it!

Coming Soon!
184. Quick Study August 3

Reading: Proverbs 1-2
We will know, perceive and receive wisdom, instruction and understanding from Proverbs!

Coming Soon!
185. Quick Study August 4

Reading: Proverbs 3-4
We receive long life and peace, if we listen to the commands of Christ and do them!

Coming Soon!
186. Quick Study August 5

Reading: Proverbs 5-6
Discretion and knowledge are two values we must have to stay healthy!

Coming Soon!
187. Quick Study August 6

Reading: Proverbs 7-8
Wisdom must be applied! We are too undisciplined to move through life without guidance!

Coming Soon!
188. Quick Study August 7

Reading: Proverbs 9-10
Wisdom has built her house and we are invited to come in and fellowship with her.

Coming Soon!
189. Weekend QS August 8-9

Reading: Proverbs 13-14
It is true that wisdom is confirmed by guarding the mouth!

Coming Soon!
190. Quick Study August 10

Reading: Proverbs 15-16
It is wise to listen when someone is talking to us, and to be careful with our response!

Coming Soon!
191. Quick Study August 11

Reading: Proverbs 17-18
Wisdom is in our quietness! Our ability to rule as a servant of God!

Coming Soon!
192. Quick Study August 12

Reading: Proverbs 19-20
Wisdom is in the way we live. We must focus on the wisdom of God, not our own ideas.

Coming Soon!
193. Quick Study August 13

Reading: Proverbs 21-22
It is true that God weighs the hearts of men and women!

Coming Soon!
194. Quick Study August 14

Reading: Proverbs 23-24
The truth is we must be careful when we are guests in someone’s home!

Coming Soon!
195. Weekend QS August 15-16

Reading: Proverbs 27-28
The good man is one of careful words! He does not speak highly of himself!

Coming Soon!
196. Quick Study August 17

Reading: Proverbs 29-31
When the righteous rule there is great rejoicing and relief for all!

Coming Soon!
197. Quick Study August 18

Reading: Ecclesiastes 1-3
The earth remains, while people come and go on it! God is forever the same!

Coming Soon!
198. Quick Study August 19

Reading: Ecclesiastes 4-6
Living becomes great when we invite Jesus Christ into our lives!

Coming Soon!
199. Quick Study August 20

Reading: Ecclesiastes 7-9
The darkness of death makes us wise!

Coming Soon!
200. Quick Study August 21

Reading: Ecclesiastes 10-12
There is great wisdom in death! To those who believe in Jesus Christ, death is a doorway to life.

Coming Soon!
201. Weekend QS August 22-23

Reading: Song of Solomon 4-6
The image of God’s love for us is shown. He sees us how we will be!

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202. Quick Study August 24

Reading: Song of Solomon 7-8
God sees us as being beautiful, instead of how we are. He knows how we will be!

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203. Quick Study August 25

Reading: Isaiah 1-2
The people of early Israel did not know their God!

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204. Quick Study August 26

Reading: Isaiah 3-4
Skillful people are removed from the city!

Coming Soon!
205. Quick Study August 27

Reading: Isaiah 5-6
God plants a good vine but it yields bad fruit!

Coming Soon!
206. Quick Study August 28

Reading: Isaiah 7-8
Men are often moved by circumstances they cannot control!

Coming Soon!
207. Weekend QS August 29-30

Reading: Isaiah 11-13
The wisdom, council and knowledge is made known by God!

Coming Soon!
208. Quick Study August 31

Reading: Isaiah 14-15
God will confront Israel and they will know Him!

Coming Soon!
209. Quick Study September 1

Reading: Isaiah 16-18
God will set into place a Messianic rule!

Coming Soon!
210. Quick Study September 2

Reading: Isaiah 19-21
God will restore Israel and they will come under Him!

Coming Soon!
211. Quick Study September 3

Reading: Isaiah 22-24
Ancient Jerusalem is destroyed, as God said it would be!

Coming Soon!
212. Quick Study September 4

Reading: Isaiah 25-27
God makes His ways affect those around us. We are wise when we see Him!

Coming Soon!
213. QS Weekend September 5-6

Reading: Isaiah 30-32
We often take the advice of everyone except God!

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214. Quick Study September 7

Reading: Isaiah 33-35
Accountability is key to our actions! God requires us to be accountable!

Coming Soon!
215. Quick Study September 8

Reading: Isaiah 36-37
Satan’s workers make a claim against God’s people, when they have the advantage!

Coming Soon!
216. Quick Study September 9

Reading: Isaiah 38-40
God speaks to us so that we gather our strength to appeal to Him!

Coming Soon!
217. Quick Study September 10

Reading: Isaiah 41-43
God chose Abraham as the founder of His nation! Why did He do that?

Coming Soon!
218. Quick Study September 11

Reading: Isaiah 44-46
We are captured by idols as we cling to their demands upon us!

Coming Soon!
219. QS Weekend September 12-13

Reading: Isaiah 50-52
The Lord is doubted, but He makes a covering so all can see His work on the earth!

Coming Soon!
220. Quick Study September 14
Coming Soon!
221. Quick Study September 15

Reading: Isaiah 56-58
God announces who receives salvation! Those who love God and respect His name.

Coming Soon!
222. Quick Study September 16

Reading: Isaiah 59-61
Change has happened, but Gods hand is not too short to reach out and help us!

Coming Soon!
223. Quick Study September 17

Reading: Isaiah 62-63
Jesus Christ is named by God! Salvation, Messiah is the call to all who respond to God!

Coming Soon!
224. Quick Study September 18

Reading: Isaiah 64-66
Jesus Christ is humble! He did not come to earth with a title or political force!

Coming Soon!
225. QS Weekend September 19-20

Reading: Jeremiah 3-4
God tells Judah to return to Him, even though Judah is against His law!

Coming Soon!
226. Quick Study September 21

Reading: Jeremiah 5-6
There is a search for people who love God. Those who will make decisions for Him.

Coming Soon!
227. Quick Study September 22

Reading: Jeremiah 7-9
God speaks through His prophet, telling the people not to trust in the Temple!

Coming Soon!
228. Quick Study September 23

Reading: Jeremiah 10-12
There are signs of heaven that are real and impressive, but they are not true!

Coming Soon!
229. Quick Study September 24

Reading: Jeremiah 13-15
God speaks through familiar objects so we can understand what He is saying!

Coming Soon!
230. Quick Study September 25

Reading: Jeremiah 16-18
God says our future is threatened because we have turned away from Him!

Coming Soon!
231. QS Weekend September 26-27

Reading: Jeremiah 23-25
God says He knows the evil shepherds and will punish them for their works!

Coming Soon!
232. Quick Study September 28

Reading: Jeremiah 26-28
Prophets are to speak what God says, not what is popular to the masses!

Coming Soon!
233. Quick Study September 29

Reading: Jeremiah 29-31
God sends a letter to the people in Babylon telling them to accept their exile!

Coming Soon!
234. Quick Study September 30

Reading: Jeremiah 32-33
God’s prophetic words are true! It does not matter what is done to the prophet!

Coming Soon!
235. Quick Study October 1

Reading: Jeremiah 34-36
The prophet is commanded to speak the truth, even when it is not popular!

Coming Soon!
236. Quick Study October 2

Reading: Jeremiah 37-39
The prophet is asked to pray for the kingdom! But he already knows what will happen.

Coming Soon!
237. QS Weekend October 3-4

Reading: Jeremiah 43-46
God says He knows the evil shepherds and will punish them for their works!

Coming Soon!
238. Quick Study October 5

Reading: Jeremiah 47-49
There is great sorrow when God uses others to complete His judgement!

Coming Soon!
239. Quick Study October 6

Reading: Jeremiah 50-52
The Bible proclaims the truth about the future. Looking 70 years into it spells out what will

Coming Soon!
240. Quick Study October 7

Reading: Lamentations 1-2
The Bible proclaims that Jerusalem is laid waste. No one is around to help!

Coming Soon!
241. Quick Study October 8

Reading: Lamentations 3-5
The Word says that no matter how much we cry we still must pay the cost!

Coming Soon!
242. Quick Study October 9

Reading: Ezekiel 1-3
Ezekiel is a priest and a prophet. God moves His people no matter where they are!

Coming Soon!
243. QS Weekend October 10-11

Reading: Ezekiel 9-12
God looks at how we react to sin. Not just how we live.

Coming Soon!
244. Quick Study October 12

Reading: Ezekiel 13-16
False prophets speak their own dreams, and have not seen God!

Coming Soon!
245. Quick Study October 13

Reading: Ezekiel 17-19
Sin is devastating and can cause evil that destroys us forever!

Coming Soon!
246. Quick Study October 14

Reading: Ezekiel 20-22
God is not judged for His ongoing judgement of mankind!

Coming Soon!
247. Quick Study October 15

Reading: Ezekiel 23-25
God gives names to highlight how we live and respond to Him.

Coming Soon!
248. Quick Study October 16

Reading: Ezekiel 26-28
The city of Tyre has lost its fame and fortune, because of pride.

Coming Soon!
249. QS Weekend October 17-18

Reading: Ezekiel 33-35
The watchman warns because there is accountability!

Coming Soon!
250. Quick Study October 19

Reading: Ezekiel 36-38
God prophesies to the land because He knows the future!

Coming Soon!
251. Quick Study October 20

Reading: Ezekiel 39-41
God says that Gog will fall, his troops and the people with him.

Coming Soon!
252. Quick Study October 21

Reading: Ezekiel 42-44
God says the details of the doors are important. Doors welcome people.

Coming Soon!
253. Quick Study October 22

Reading: Ezekiel 45-48
There is a HOLY place for God, planned for the future.

Coming Soon!
254. Quick Study October 23

Reading: Daniel 1-3
God’s hand is upon Daniel and his friends, and His hand is upon us.

Coming Soon!
255. QS Weekend October 24-25

Reading: Daniel 7-9
The first kingdom of the earth is like a lion, and given a man’s heart!

Coming Soon!
256. Quick Study October 26

Reading: Daniel 10-12
Daniel is introduced to the presence of God in a surprising way!

Coming Soon!
257. Quick Study October 27

Reading: Hosea 1-4
God uses the life of Hosea to illustrate His message to Israel!

Coming Soon!
258. Quick Study October 28

Reading: Hosea 5-7
God says that Israel is not hidden from Him. He sees everything!

Coming Soon!
259. Quick Study October 29

Reading: Hosea 8-11
Sin causes ancient Israel to transgress God’s covenant and rebel!

Coming Soon!
260. Quick Study October 30

Reading: Hosea 12-14
Bad deals end in bad circumstances! God speaks of ancient Israel’s bad deals!

Coming Soon!
261. QS Weekend Oct 31-Nov 1

Reading: Amos and Obadiah
God speaks from Zion! This is the place where God rules from!

Coming Soon!
262. Quick Study November 2

Reading: Jonah and Micah
God is coming to judge because of sin. He will not be still!

Coming Soon!
263. Quick Study November 3

Reading: Nahum and Habakkuk
God says the clouds are the dust of His feet!

Coming Soon!
264. Quick Study November 4

Reading: Zephaniah and Haggai
God’s consumption is determined and powerful. But He will keep safe those who love Him!

Coming Soon!
265. Quick Study November 5

Reading: Zechariah 1-5
God says, “Return to Me and I will return to you!”

Coming Soon!
266. Quick Study November 6

Reading: Zechariah 6-9
God sends His spirits, so that we can see what is happening!

Coming Soon!
267. QS Weekend November 7-8

Reading: Malachi
God says there is a difference between Jacob and Esau.

Coming Soon!
268. Quick Study November 9

Reading: Matthew 1-4
The message is clear! Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem!

Coming Soon!
269. Quick Study November 10

Reading: Matthew 5-8
The poor in spirit know that Jesus Christ will fill them!

Coming Soon!
270. Quick Study November 11

Reading: Matthew 9-12
Jesus Christ forgave the sins of the paralytic man!

Coming Soon!