RAGGS teaches preschoolers about the joys of discovery and the power of friendship. A children’s series starring five talented canine characters known as the Raggs Band who play rock n’ roll music in their colorful clubhouse. Each episode follows lead character Raggs, his dog friends and their wisecracking pet cat through engaging, emotional and fun stories to explore everyday challenges faced by real kids.

1. Sharing

Instead of sharing on Puppy Pirate Sharing Day, Raggs eatsall of Pido’s Surprise Pie.

2. Hands

Raggs prepares an act for the Puppy Preschool Hand Show; Razzles talsk with her nads when she loses her voice.

3. Color

The dogs can’t decide which color ball that want to play with; Razzles mixes colors to create a picture for Grandma Fluffy.

4. Pack Away

Packaway Officer Razzles declares an all work, no play day until everyone’s mess is put away.

5. Food

Pido’s snacking on junk food leaves him with no energy to play; Trilby looks after a pet bird.

6. Trees

Five dogs make music and share life together in their clubhouse.

7. Size

The dogs wrap different-sized presents for a party; Trilby has a flea proble.

8. Hot

The dogs find different ways to cool down; Pido makes hot soup on a cold day.

9. Movement

The dogs put on a play for the Preschool Move and Groove Show; Raggs can’t decide what to participate in at Shake Your Tails Sports Day.

10. Faces

B. Maxx plays animal expolorer, while others pretend to have different animal faces. Happy Face Parade Day.

11. Play

Pido and B. Max have trouble deciding which games to play inside or outside on Puppy Play Day.

12. Cold

The dogs are playing in the garden when Pido accidentally freezes into a Pido popsicle.

13. Who Am I?

Razzle’s birthday; Pido cannot stop pretending to be Super Pido.

14. Smell

Raggs searches for his lost teddy; Pido invents Sneaker Stew to help Trilby regain sense of smell.

16. Change

Raggs finds a caterpillar which turns into a butterfly.

17. Bark and Bury Bones Day

Trilby finds out why Billy the Bat sleeps all day.

18. Rain

The dogs try to catch raindrops falling through a hole in the roof; Raggs wants to paint the mailbox.

19. Try Something New Day

Pido can’t think of anything oto do on Try Something New Day; Razzles won’t play with her ball.

20. Sleep

Raggs’ dreams keep him awake; Pido can’t sleep because he’s excited about the Tail-Chasing Championships.

21. Family

Raggs finds a lost puppy and returns him to his real family; dogs accidentally damage a special hat.

22. Sunshine

Storm clouds interrupt Pido’s surfing, so the others make an indoor sun to cheer him up; Razzles learns how to be safe in the sun.

23. Jobs

B. Max drives a truck; Raggs reads a book while the others clean up.

24. Growing

Razzles is upset that she hasn’t grown as much as the others on the puppy growth chart; Pido grows too many tomatoes.

25. Habits

The dogs help Trilby stop sucking her thumb; B. Max invents a Habitmaster.

26. Clothes

Everybody’s off to the beach, but Raggs puts on the wrong clothes; Razzles can’t decide what to wear to the dress-up party.

27. Summer

Everyone helps Pido find alternative summer activities when he breaks his surfboard; Trilby wants to enter a summer art show.

28. Too Fast

Raggs does everything too quickly, while B. Max wants to find a way to go faster for the doggy races.

29. Safety

Razzle’s gets carried away with safety gear; Pido doesn’t play with his teddy.

30. Transportation

Trilby must choose the transportation to visit Grandpa Pooch; B. Max and his teddy host a rocket ship trip to the moon.

31. Happy Dance

Raggs is bummed after breaking his new airplane, but his friends show him that old toys can be fun, too; Razzles invents a happy dance.

32. Pets

Pido can’t decide on a pet; Trilby must care for a goldfish.

33. Shapes

B. Max makes grandpa a birthday present out of shapes; a treasure map disapears.

34. A Day at the Beach

Razzles plans for a day at the beach; the dogs surprise Pido with a beach party.

35. Opposites

B. Max must decide what to bring to Puppy Preschool Opposite Show and Tell Day.

36. Bedtime

Raggs hears npises and needs help getting back to sleep; Razzles wants to wish on a shooting star.

37. Doggy Dance Day

Pido can’t stop dancing on Doggy Dancing Day; the dogs help Trilby rehearse for her starring role in a play.

38. Gardening

Raggs accidentally vacuums B. Max’s special flowers; B. Max invents the gardenscope 2000.

39. Arts & Crafts

Raggs and the band create a new ppster for the band; the dogs make puppets and put on a Cinderpaws puppet show.

40. Puppy Patrol Badge

Raggs learns directions so he can earn his Puppy Patrol badge; B. Max has to make a cake.

Quote of the day

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