Searching for a King

2019 TV-G

Go back in time and sift through layers of history as Jeremy Dehut and Barry Britnell search for evidence of Israel’s first kings. Journey with them as they talk with experts in the field of archeology and connect the physical history and geography with the words of the Bible.

1. Archeology & the Bible

The Bible comes to life as Jeremy Dehut and Barry Britnell talk with archeologist, Scott Stripling about his excavation of the ancient city of Shiloh.

2. King Saul, David & Goliath

Lost to time, Jeremy Dehut and Barry Britnell talk about the ancient city of Gilgal and the significance it played in Saul’s downfall. Known around the world as one of the greatest battles of all time, you can visit the valley where David conquered a giant named Goliath despite overwhelming odds.

3. David Runs For His Life

Explore a cave where David could have hidden from Saul while on the run for his life. Surprises around every corner capture the truth, in a very short passage from the Bible, as Jeremy Dehut and Barry Britnell go deeper into the dark abyss and into their search of Israel’s United Kingdom.

4. David, A Man After God’s Heart

Go to the origin of Jerusalem and see exactly how the Bible describes that David’s men were able to capture the Jebusite stronghold and make it Israel’s capital city.

5. The Golden Age of Israel

Jeremy Dehut and Barry Britnell visit the labs of the Temple Mount Sifting Project and talk with renowned archaeologist Dr. Gabriel Barkay about his work digging through rubble discarded from the temple mount during a political crime back in the 1990’s.

6. Behind the Scenes: Telling the Story of the United Kingdom

The Appian Media team pulls back the curtain on the process for creating the latest docu-series, Searching for a King. Go into the pre-production meetings, travel across the globe and settle into the edit bay as our team shows you how a series of this magnitude is taken from concept to completion.

7. The Making of Searching For a King

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