Siyaya: Come Wild with Us

2015 TV-14

Nestled between a mountain range and the coast, lies an enchanted rainforest through which crystal clear rivers flow – much of this natural domain falls in the Garden Route National Park, South Africa. A zany scientists takes four youngsters on an adventure through this natural wonderland, while learning about the critters and trees that inhabit it.

1. Search for The Big Seven Part 1: The Garden of Eden – Addo Elephant National Park

When five youngsters set off for an adventure into to the vast Addo Elephant National Park, they get more than they had bargained for.

2. Search for the Big Seven Part 2: The Big Ones – Addo Elephant National Park

Woken up by the sweet song of hummingbirds, the adventurers continue their quest for the Big Seven.

3. Search for the Big Seven Part 3: A Whale of Time – Addo Elephant National Park

The search for the Big Seven continues, and the Zebra Bus heads for the marine and coastal section of the park in Algoa Bay.

4. Search for the Big Seven Part 4: Hunters of The Deep – Addo Elephant National Park

The Zebra Bus embarks on a final mission to find that last and most elusive member of the Big Seven – the Great White Shark.

5. To The River’s End: Garden Route National Park

Nestled between a mountain range and the coast, lies an enchanted rainforest through which crystal clear rivers flow – much of this natural domain falls in the Garden Route National Park.

6. The Enchanted Forest: Garden Route National Park

The team is back in the largest evergreen moist forest in South Africa.

7. Chronicles of the Foreland: Table Mountain National Park

Known for its rich biodiversity and heritage, the Cape of Good Hope is where Table Mountain is found – one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

8. Surfing Snails: Table Mountain National Park

After their bout with wind, rain and the history of the Cape, the time has come for the team to have a close look at the animal world of Table Mountain National Park.

9. Under The Sea: Table Mountain National Park

The team travels further into the realm of the sea with canoes to study a penguin colony on the beach from across the water.

10. Cliffhanger: Table Mountain National Park

The team head up to the top of Table Mountain and learn about life amongst the clouds.

11. Half Land Half Water: West Coast National Park

Imagine a place that is half land, half water – and you have the West Coast National Park.

12. Desert Coast: Namaqua National Park

Namaqualand is a desert region along the west side of South Africa, also known as the Succulent Karoo. The team’s mission is to cross the Kamiesberge on their way to the desert coast, one of the least known parts of South Africa.

13. The Flowering Desert: Namaqua National Park

When they return to the Namaqua National Park, the short rainy season has started and the desert is in full bloom. This time their mission is to find out how plants, animals and people survive in a land that is harsh.

14. Tshavhadzimu: Mapungubwe National Park

In the land of rainmakers and baobab trees, the Zebra Bus travels in the shadow of the ancient Kingdom of Mapungubwe, also known in Venda as Tshavhadzimu or ‘Place of the Gods’.

15. Mountain of Water: Marakele National Park

Thaba ya metsi’ (‘Mountain of Water’) is the local name for the Waterberg Mountains, located in the Marakele National Park- the next sanctuary that our latest group of adventurers will explore.

16. Noah’s Ark: Mokala National Park

Five young adventurers take you on a wild Zebra Bus ride to experience a modern day version of Noah’s Ark.

17. Into The Thirstland: Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

The Zebra bus ventures into the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park during the rainy season, when animals and people celebrate the much-needed rains.

18. When The Moon Talks: KGalagdi Transfrontier Park

The rains have already gone, leaving the Kalahari brown and dry again when our adventurers return to continue their journey with the San.

19. Searching for White Eye: Mountain Zebra National Park

One beautiful sunny day on the edge of the Karoo, the Zebra Bus adventurers are on a quest for a legendary cheetah called White Eye.

20. Horn of Africa: Mountain Zebra National Park

After their brush with life and death in the wilderness, the adventurers are more than eager to explore the land further and see firsthand how the game rangers handle endangered species like the rhino.

21. The Golden Gate: Golden Gate Highlands National Park

The Zebra Bus treks up the high grassy plains of Golden Gate Highlands National Park, where some of the most dramatic landscapes can be found.

22. Place of Big Noise: Augrabies Falls National Park

Hear the mighty Augrabies Falls roar as our new batch of explorers venture into its misty beauty.

23. The Serpents Nest: Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

In the far northwest of South Africa lies a forgotten land, known as the Richtersveld. Five young explorers set off from Alexander Bay High School on a mission into the arid land to find the legendary Big Snake.

24. Signs From The Past: : Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

The search for the Big Snake continues as the Zebra Bus team treks further and further into the ancient mountains in search of signs and messages left from ancient times, when people roamed freely across the landscape.

25. Making Deep Tracks: Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

Now that they have visited the richest of all deserts in the world in terms of biodiversity, and they have seen the oldest paintings in Africa, they are ready to visit the biggest canyon on the continent.

26. To The River’s End: : Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

Charting new territory, the team sets off down the Great !Gariep with the help of a local Nama farmer and friend of Oompie’s, Oom Koos.

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