Siyaya: Wildest Cape

2018 TV-PG

The beautiful landscape of the Western Cape in South Africa hosts some of the most exciting natural systems in the world. Our teams of explorers take on breathtaking challenges to get where they have to be, jumping into cauldrons of whitewater, scaling cliffs and hanging on ropes between heaven and earth.

1. Anysberg: Hidden Gem of the Klein Karoo

Four youngsters embark on a search for a secret library that is hidden in a remote mountain range where an ancient civilisation existed for thousands of years.

2. Cederberg The Secret Library

The explorers visit to a poorly known part of South Africa in search of a colony of rare and endangered vultures that live high in the secluded mountains of the Western Cape.

3. De Hoop Place of Hope

The picturesque Garden Route of South Africa attracts many visitors and four youngsters wonder if there are any wild places left here.

4. Gamkahberg Mountain

Four young explorers leave their small town in the mountain to find the coast and search for the legendary Bird Island.

5. Goukamma: A Last Wild Place

The team travels a barren coastline to where they think Bird Island lies. They discover how the sandy beach is used by highly adapted creatures and learn about the most dangerous animal on the Planet.

6. Hottentots 2: On Angel’s Wings

As they search for a way across the mountain range they have to climb to near the top and then have to criss-cross a dangerous narrow gorge while hanging off cables between heaven and earth.

7. Hottentots 1: Crossing The Mountains

A team of young explorers search for a route through the seemingly impenetrable Hottentots Holland Mountains that form a barrier to the interior of Africa.

8. Hottentots 3: Unfinished Business

After some months the team is back again to meet their destiny. Giving themselves to the river they are once again washed down to the dreadful Point of No Return.

9. Kogelberg: Source to Sea

Four young explorers set of on a source to sea expedition. First they need to find the source of the Palmiet River high in the mountains.

10. Laberts Bay: Bird Island Where The Birds Are in Charge

Four brave young girls enter the mysterious Robberg Peninsula to learn about survival – not only that of plants and animals but also how our common ancestors lived on this desolate coast.

11. Robberg 1: Learning About Survival

Next day the exploration continues as they visit a blowhole and scale some difficult cliffs to understand how it works.

12. Robberg 2: The Exploration Continues

Three youngsters visit poorly known Anysberg, an island mountain in the Karoo Desert that has been a refuge to many unusual plants and animals, but also people through the ages.

13. West Coast Heading for Bird Island

The youngsters explore the Gamkaberg Mountains in search of a magnificent creature that almost disappeared but somehow managed to escape extinction in the inaccessible canyons of this fortress.

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