The Burnnie Show

2004 TV-G

Burnnie is a rabbit that tries his best to live his life pleasing to the Lord, but he makes mistakes along the way. Each program focuses on a specific Christian concept, which children are encouraged to develop in their lives.

1. Laughs and Giggles

Join Burnnie and learn the magic trick, God Will Get You Through and many other tricks and pranks.

2. Lookin’ Good

Burnnie is on a mission to look good thinking everyone will treat him better if he’s all fancied up.

3. BURNNIE’S Babysitting

Burnnie the bunny tries his hand at babysitting…5 boys!

4. The Camping Adventure

Burnnie takes the day off to get ready for his camping trip.


Burnnie learns a valuable lesson that practice makes perfect.

6. The Lemonade Stand

Burnnie decides he wants to open a lemonade stand.

7. Don’t Just Do Something

Burnnie’s rough morning causes him to have a crabby day.


Burnnie tries his hand at writing a book, “The Adventures of Burnnie”.

9. BURNNIE’S Christmas

Burnnie learns the meaning of Christmas and the spirit of giving.

10. BURNNIE’S Radio Catastrophe

Burnnie is unprepared for his radio show and things start to get crazy!


Burnnie learns that having a pet is a huge responsibility.

12. BURNNIE’S Newspaper

Burnnie interviews friends for his new newspaper.

13. BURNNIE the Borrower

Burrnnie learns the lesson that If he borrows something from someone else to make sure and take good care of it.

14. That’s Not Yours

Burnnie learns the valuable lesson, thou shall not steal.

15. Burnnie’s Banquet

Burnnie bakes some special treats for his banquet.

16. The Winner

Burnnie is down on his luck as he can’t seem to win at anything.

17. Junk Food Burnnie

Burnnie learns the hard way that eating junk food can make you feel sick.


Burnnie learns a valuable lesson, that God made everyone special and does things their own way.

19. BURNNIE’S Birthday

Burnnie throws himself a Birthday party and learns some valuable lessons on the way.

20. BURNNIE’S New Neighbor

Burnnie meets his new neighbor and doesn’t make a very good first impression.

21. Boastful BURRNIE

Burnnie learns not to be boastful after he buys himself a trophy to show everyone he’s the best.

22. Any Color Will Do

Burnnie goes to the festival of cultures and learns that God loves everyone.

23. Say A Good Thing

After reading The Book of Insults, Burnnie learns how words can hurt.

24. I Want That, Too

Burnnie wants what everyone else has and learns the valuable lesson of being grateful.

25. Turn the Light On

Burnnie learns a lesson in sharing and letting his light shine.

26. get the Job Done

Burnnie learns a lesson from Ephesians 4:28; be truthful.

27. Look What I Can Do

Burnnie’s been showing off all day and gets a hard lesson on being humble.

28. Worrywart

Burnnie keeps having nightmares and has become a big worrywart!

29. Moving in God’s Direction

Burnnie is taught to always do his best so that he stays moving in God’s direction.

30. Bitter or Better

Burnnie’s learns to be happy with what he has as he gets a lesson in being better not bitter.

31. BURNNIE for Mayor

Burnnie decides to run for Mayor for the town of Celebration.

32. That’s Good Enough

Burnnie’s learns that the Bible teaches us to do our best.

33. That’s a Stretch

Burnnie gets a lesson from Colossians 3:9 learning that stretching the truth is like telling a lie.

34. Over and Over

Burnnie learns all about recycling.

35. Dollars Make Sense

Burnnie learns how to be a good steward over his money.

36. Coins and Tunnels

Burnnie goes to a garage sale and finds some gold coins.

37. A Million Excuses

Burnnie is full of excuses as everyone in town prepares for Christmas and Operation Christmas Child.

38. Selfless

Burnnie gets a lesson in being selfless and learns sharing can be fun.

Quote of the day

You will have these tassels to look at and so you will remember all the commands of the Lord, that you may obey them and not prostitute yourselves by chasing after the lusts of your own hearts and eyes.