The Christian View

2020 TV-PG

The Christian View is a fast-paced, high-energy TV talk show with a panel of sharp, quick-witted hosts discussing today?s hot topics and trending news from a Biblical perspective.

1. Marriage Makeover

The TCV Hosts discuss how to make a marriage last and add the spark back into your marriage.

2. Emotional Baggage

The TCV hosts discuss the emotional weight we carry and if that weight is carried generationally.

3. Transparency

The TCV hosts discuss sharing personal stories of overcoming tragedy.

4. Self-Image

The TCV hosts discuss being healthy and staying strong.

5. Materialism

The TCV hosts discuss a recent study that states that money can buy happiness and whether or not we are material girls.

6. Modern Communication

The TCV hosts discuss what it means to really connect with other people vs. simply transferring information.

7. Mental Health

The TCV hosts discuss the bizarre ways that people around the world de-stress, the importance of de-stressing and the hindrances.

8. Modern Parenting

The TCV hosts discuss the lines of corporal punishment and Biblical guidelines for parenting.

9. Middle-Age

The TCV hosts discuss their views on various ways of still being able to embrace life and enjoy it to fullest even as we grow old in age, including bucket lists of their own!

10. Priorities

The TCV hosts share their thoughts on today’s modern lifestyle of living too fast.

11. Gender Differences

The TCV hosts break down the meaning of the old well-known saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

12. Divorce

From silly stories of why people divorce to divorce prevention tips, the hosts of TCV tackle the rising issue of divorce in today’s society.

13. Crime and Punishment

The TCV hosts discuss the controversial Stand-Your-Ground Law and what Biblical limitations there are in protecting one’s own character.

14. Lonely vs. Alone

The TCV hosts discuss whether alone has to mean lonely.

15. Manners

The TCV hosts discuss the true value of ‘the golden rule’ and what God’s Word has to say about manners.

16. Purity vs. Virginity

The TCV hosts discuss how one can maintaining purity- whether as unmarried or married as well as what God says about living a pure lifestyle.

17. Forgiveness

The TCV hosts discuss the effects of forgiveness. Do we model forgiveness in our own lives? Are we teaching our children what ‘sorry’ really means?

18. The Hollywood Life

The TCV hosts are joined by Jan Smith, the world’s premier vocal producer and instructor discussing the perils of rising from YouTube singer to superstar status.

19. Boldly Proclaiming the Truth

The TCV hosts discuss the consequences of boldly proclaiming Christ in today’s world. Is it easy to speak up in our everyday conversations?

20. First Impressions

The TCV hosts are joined by professional image consultant, Trudy Davies Davis, to discuss the power of first impressions and why image really does matter.

21. Life Behind Special needs Families

The TCV hosts discuss the realities of life for special needs families.

22. Prescription Drug Abuse

Special Guest Co-host Mike Coffee joins the TCV panel to discuss his experience of being overly prescribed by a physician.

23. Christian Testimony as an Actor

The TCV hosts are joined by Guest Co-host, Award-Winning Actress Ali Froid, to discuss her life as a working actress in the entertainment industry.

24. Life

It’s a tell-all co-host day! From tragedies to personal testimonies, the TCV hosts share their personal stories.

Quote of the day

We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, able to keep their whole body in check.