The Kings Messengers

2017 TV-PG

Anwaar and David must learn to overcome their differences and work together to outsmart the dangerous Resistance Army. Along the way they learn to go deeper in their own faith journey.

1. Is There Really A God?

The fictional war-torn country of Zanora is experiencing a hostile takeover by the Resistance Army. A civilian named Anwaar leaves his hometown and escapes to the northern forrest. While hiding in the forrest he meets the ambassador?s son David Sutherland.

2. Who Is God?

Anwaar and David work together to find food. A stranger named Cogan leads them to a food trap set by the Resistance Army. Anwaar and David narrowly escape, however they realize it is only a matter of time before the Resistance Army catches up with them.

3. How Do We Walk With God?

Anwaar suggests they scope out a Resistance Army outpost to search for food. The operation goes south when they are seen and David is caught by the Resistance Army.

4. Does God Love Us?

The Resistance Army general demands ransom money from the Alliance of Nations for the release of David Sutherland. When ransom demands are not met, he decides that David will be executed. Before David is executed, Anwaar rescues him from the Resistance Army outpost.

5. Who Ae We In Christ?

David and Anwaar happen upon some fellow refugees who have a bible belonging to Allen Sutherland. This discovery excites David and he wants to return to the city where it was found. However, Anwaar disagrees that it is something they should further pursue. Unable to come to a compromise, David sets out on his own to see if he can find his brother Allen.

6. Why Are We Here?

Anwaar is upset to learn that David has left. In the mean time the Resistance Army is closing in on them. An unfortunate encounter with a Resistance soldier leaves David grazed with a bullet wound. Anwaar rescues him and helps him back to camp.

7. How Do We Fight The Good Fight

Dmitri from the Alliance of Nations begins to catch on to what is happening in Zenora. With some recovered files Alexa had given him, he pieces together what is on Sutherland?s laptop. Alexa and Dmitri team up to get Anwaar and David out of Zenora.

8. How Do We Share God’s Love

Anwaar and David receive coordinates to a Zenorian military base as they finish a webcast. While they are not sure if this message is from the Alliance of Nations or it is a trap, they decide to pursue it. Along the way they discover that the country has been further destroyed by the Resistance Army. Eventually they make it to the military base and are airlifted to safety. However, Anwaar suffered a gunshot wound in the knee leaving him unable to walk. While safely out of Zenora and receiving medical attention in a hospital, David tells Anwaar that he must get well soon because the work in Zenora is not yet finished.

Quote of the day

When he had led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, he lifted up his hands and blessed them. While he was blessing them, he left them and was taken up into heaven.