The Way of The Master

2015 TV-PG

The Way of the Master is an evangelical ministry created by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron to train Christians in the art of apologetics and open-air evangelism.

1. The Firefighter

Discover why the very popular ?God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life? is unbiblical. This episode answers questions that then arise about the abundant life offered in Scripture.

2. Mirror of the Ten Commandments

What is the conscience, and why does it just speak to us on moral issues? See how the sinner’s conscience can work for you, when you learn to witness the way Jesus did.

3. The Motive of the Sinner

Filmed at the infamous Alcatraz prison, discover how prisons entrap this world, and how God has given a key to unlock them

4. The Summary of Salvation

The Bible has much to say on the subject of false conversion. This vital teaching will persuade you to remain within the bounds of Scripture when reaching out to the lost.

5. Practice What You Preach

When it comes to things going wrong, Kirk and Ray have had their share. Watch as people walk away, cuss, spit and punch during interviews.

6. The Darling Sin of Humanity

Satan’s influence isn’t always obvious. The father of lies is incredibly subtle and has infiltrated the Church and changed the message of the Gospel.

7. Atheism

Kirk and Ray go to San Francisco and West Hollywood to witness to homosexuals, showing how to share the way of salvation without causing undue offense.

8. WDJD?

Is evolution scientific? Can it be proven? Evolutionary believers themselves will show you how unintelligent this theory really is.

9. Blasphemy, Sabath and Parents

How do you best witness to your parents, siblings, children, or relatives? Learn principles that will help you in this difficult area.

10. Murder

Is it legitimate to use fear to bring sinners to the Savior? Discover the true meaning of the “fear of the Lord” and its legitimate place in the gospel presentation.

11. Adultery

How do you break the ice when witnessing? At Grand Central Station, Kirk and Ray show how easy it is to use unique gospel tracts to begin conversations about everlasting life.

12. Theft

Kirk and Ray offer Las Vegas gamblers $10 million to play Russian roulette. Then they “up the stakes” and talk about life’s greatest gamble.

13. Lie and Covet

Are you part of the frozen chosen, getting cold feet when sharing your faith? These simple yet incredibly practical principles will set you on fire for God in you daily life.

Quote of the day

Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.