True View

2014 TV-PG

Have you ever wondered what’s going on in our culture and how to make sense of it? Are you looking for hope in a rapidly changing world? Join Jamie & Julie as they discuss current events, trends, our culture and how to live authentic Christian lives.

1. Tackling the Two Taboos: Religion & Politics

Should Christians vote in political elections? Does our political affiliation impact our ability to share the gospel with others? Join the discussion and watch.

2. Tips for a Christ Centered Christmas

Listen as guests share some wonderful ideas for making Jesus the center of Christmas for your family’s Christmas celebration. Get your pen and paper and get ready!

3. Creation Vs. Evolution

A discussion on where the theory of evolution is amiss and the evidence that the Earth and everything in it was created by God by design.

4. Descending into Greatness

A discussion on identifying pride in your life, and why it’s so destructive. Learn how you can begin to walk in greater humility.

5. Equipping Kids for Life

Are you an “enabler”? How can you equip your kids to learn that God is the Source and parents are only a resource?

6. Hottest Vs. Modest

A discussion on modesty through the lens of Scripture and a Yes, No or Fix Fashion show.

7. Freedom of Speech: Whats at stake?

KrisAnne Hall, attorney and founder of Liberty First, takes an in-depth look at the Biblical basis for and history of freedom of speech in the United States.

8. Overcoming Addiction

Special guests from Teen Challenge share their stories of hope and victory through Jesus in overcoming addiction and finding true healing.

9. Faith of a Champion

Take a look at how athletes have trained to win in athletics and how that relates to your spiritual life.

10. License to Change

A candid conversation with Tamara Williams sharing tips on how to transform your marriage from surviving to thriving.

11. Making a Difference

An interview of former NFL players, R.A.W. Training Co-Founder to learn how they are Making a Difference in their homes, businesses and communities.

12. Fighting Fair in Marriage

Co-hosts Jamie and Julie talk about disagreements in marriage with two pastors and their wives for a balanced perspective on communication within marriage.

13. Leap of Faith

Watch the powerful testimony of Matthew & Susan Reichart as they share their story of their family’s leap of faith and the faithfulness of God.

14. Do Guns and God Go Together?

Join co-hosts Jamie and Julie at the gun range as they discuss the controversial topic of whether guns and God go together.

15. Faithfulness to Single Moms

Co-hosts Jamie and Julie interview Jen Jones, Michelle Nuzzo, and Ashley Wagner to hear their testimonies of God’s faithful provision for single moms and their children.

Quote of the day

Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.