Tween You and Me

2013 TV-G 30 min

Tween you and me is a variety show – complete with hilarious games, exciting music, live human videos and comedy sketches that have a purpose. Each week the cast stars in a different role because they’re soooo talented and love to do multiple characters! One week you might see an actor as a dad, the next episode the school principal and on the next one he might be a child! This is part of our “unique” flavor that’s different than most kids shows. The sketches are really cool and funny and yet bring home a main point about God’s plan for you!

1. Tall Tales

Music, comedy and skits teaching us how to lay off the tall tales.

2. Life Lessons

Music, Comedy, and a sketch teaching the important lesson of being thankful.

3. A Knights Tale

Music, fun and dancing along with a comedy sketch teaching how to live Christ-like.

4. A Knights Tale Pt. 2

More music and laughs with the continued story of A Knights Tale.

5. Siblings

This episode features music and comedy skits on siblings and learning how to give and take.

6. Obedience

This episode is about hiding stuff from your parents and learning to be obedient.

7. Ups and Downs

This episode is about a family that goes through a lot of ups and downs.

8. Life

The game of tug of war is like life; sometimes good and sometimes bad. It all depends on how you face these daily challenges.

9. New Kids on the Block

This episode features skits on two kids who are new to the neighbirhood and who are just trying to fit in.

10. Facing Your Fears

This episode is about facing your fears. God can help you and he will help you though your fears.

Quote of the day

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.