Victory Road with Lee Benton

2014 TV-PG

This is an inspiring show that has an array of Celebrities & others telling their AMAZING VICTORY stories…giving hope & help to others, with performances by our incredible VICTORY ROAD

1. Terry Moore

Oscar Nominee,Actress Terry Moore – has her own star on Hollywood Blvd., she was once married to Howard Hughes, & starred next to James Dean & Marilyn Monroe. Still acting today – Terry Moore gives her heart to God. Watch the show to see how God transformed her life beginning with a miracle.

2. Tim Storey

Pastor Tim Storey shares his passion for helping others on their way back to their own ?Victory Road?

3. Sam Houston

Sam Houston is a world wrestling champion and has an amazing Victory story regarding God saving his life.


Senior Pastor Mike Hudgins of Vineyard Community Church tells how God inspired him to open this amazing warehouse that feeds, clothes, & blesses the needy in Orange County…helping them find their way back to their Victory

5. Terra Newell

Terra Newell, Survivor and Domestic Abuse Advocate, with her dog Cash, tells her “Dirty John” survival story and educates our audience on the red flags in dating.

6. Dr. Bita Badakhshan

Dr. Bita has obtained extensive experience in both primary and urgent care, treating occupational injuries, and aesthetic procedures. She holds the deep belief that the optimal way for her patients to achieve healthy lifestyles is through preventive health measures, and endeavors to promote such measures at every opportunity in her everyday practice.

7. Thomas Gunter

Actor, Producer, Writer, and Model, Thomas Gunter, shares his amazing Victory Story of dying three times and surviving!

8. Burt Ward

Burt Ward is famous for his role as ?Robin? on the hit TV Series, “Batman?. He has done numerous films & now working hard to save thousands of dog’s lives with his wife Tracy. Together, they created a dog food that gives dogs longevity called, Gentle Giants.

9. OC Salt Therapy

Robert Condraschi shares his amazing Victory story and how his son was totally healed through Romanian Salt. His successful business is in Orange County, Irvine, CA helping heal thousands of lives.

10. Marisa Kenson

Designer to The Stars? & Owner of MK Collections, Marisa Kenson, tells how she was inspired as a child to be the fabulous designer she is today & how God turned her passion into a world wide successful business.

11. Isaac Hernandez

Producer, Director, Writer, & Creator of “Parables TV” Network. Isaac is now producing Faith-Based movies that are “Good for the Soul”. He shares the importance of protecting our souls.

12. Spice Williams-Crosby

Award Winning Actress, Producer, Director, Writer, Stunt-Woman, Martial Artist who shares her life struggles, but with God’s strength & incredible determination, she’s had an exciting journey to fame in Hollywood.

13. Kim Sill

Actress, Producer, and President/ Founder of “Shelter Hope? Pet Shop Animal Rescue & Adoption Organization tells how her passion for animals led to her saving lives of pets and adopting them out to great homes across the nation!

14. Dea Viola

Recording Artist, Songwriter, Musician, and Publish Author, Dea Viola, tells of her life in an orphanage in Brazil and the incredible miracle that took place in her womb.

15. Lou Ferrigno

Lou Ferrigno- Also known as the ?Incredible Hulk?, tells his inspiring story of how he survived being bullied & abused as a child because of a hearing impairment, and became one of the most iconic figures in the world.

16. Mark Anthony Ciarlante “Tigerman”

Mark Ciarlante is changing so many children’s lives in schools, teaching them love and to put an end to bullying. “RAH” Reject All Hate!

17. Brian Roland & Dan Wheeler

Brian Roland & Dan Wheeler interviewed at the 2019 NRB Convention. They Produce & Host a new TV show on Upliftv Network called, “Fearless Faith? along with their friend Terry Steen. Their fabulous show helps navigate & encourage others to continue on their journey of life.


World Famous Drummer from South Africa, Daniel ?Danno? Peterson, is the youngest person in Africa to attend college at 11 years old and has his Masters Degree. He is endorsed by the biggest icons in music and is devoted to inspiring children across the world to achieve their goals. His father, Daniel Petersen, Sr is a Grammy Award Winning Drummer. Check out their amazing Victory Story!

19. Brad Murray

Brad Murray is the Founder of “ZEAL for Life? Wellness Formula. He’s quite a successful businessman with a great Victory Story to share.

20. Paul & Dee Dee Sorvino

Paul Sorvino, ?Good Fellas” actor, with wife Dee Dee Sorvino share their amazing, funny love story and how Divine Guidance brought them together, along with their new and exciting Italian cookbook “Pinot, Pasta, Parties”!

21. Tim Mehl

President/Founder of “Brain Storm Cancer” Organization, Entrepreneur, Family Man, Christian Counselor & Author who experienced a miracle healing 25 yrs ago. Against all odds & Doctor reports, he never lost his faith, remains healed today & paying it forward, helping others.


Betty Green Suddreth tells of her colorful past and how she went from a “Sinner to Saint”. She died & saw Hell but was taken up to Heaven.


Founder & Chancellor of “Next Dimension University?, Joel McLeod, shares his past as a troubled teen and gang member in NY. He tells how God brought him & his family to CA to fulfill his special purpose/calling to educate people about the Bible.


Dr. Rose Parker shares her Victory story of being the first woman released & pardoned from prison in CA after being convicted of murder & spending 15 yrs of her life behind bars for self defense.


Published Author, Sara Daraie, tells how she escaped from Iran’s Muslim regime with her husband & sons to Holland to become refugees. They were hidden in attics by Christians who led them to Christ. Find out how her pregnancy with her daughter helped lead them to freedom, after being sent to prison camps.


Producer of many successful TV Shows & Films, Angela White, is President of ?Silver Lining Entertainment? & the 1st ever African-American female producer for faith based films.


Grand Ol’ Opry Performer, Amber Brook Taylor, shares her Victory Story. After the doctor pinched a nerve in her neck during birth, her right arm became crippled. Through her praying mother, the arm was heeled by the age of 3 without surgery


Hope for the Future Africa” Founder & President, Rose Sakuda, is helping young girls escape the evil practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) a.k.a. Female Circumcision.


Successful Producers, Evangelists, Authors formed a prison ministry together after David was sentenced to 20 years in prison for drug trafficking and theft. Hear their incredible and exciting Victory story!


Phil Aguilar, Founder of ?Set Free Ministries?; former incarcerated gang member, drug dealer & drug addict. An International Evangelist & published author, whose Set Free Ministries are worldwide and has established multiple Rehab Centers across the nation helping addicts & others to become Set Free.


Founder of ?Second Vision? Kristin Macdonald is an advocate for the blind and visually impaired shares her Victory story.


Dr. Cadalso tells his amazing story as one of 14,000 children who were part of Operation Peter Pan, escaping Fidel Castro’s Cuban communist regime to have a better life.


Chaplain/Director Steve G Hanson of ?Racers for Christ? holds church services at and prays over each driver before each professional race.


Chaplain/Director Steve G Hanson of ?Racers for Christ? holds church services at and prays over each driver before each professional race.


“The Columbian Queen” Sabina Mazo, MMA Featherweight World Champion, inspires others to fulfill their dreams and follow their passion.

36. NRB 2019 – #1

Actor Cameron Arnett & Actress Shari Rigby of “OVERCOMER” film, and Actress/ Director Nancy Stafford “FIRST LADY” film, & Actress, Director, and Writer Nina May from ?FIRST LADY? & ?DAILY BREAD? TV Series.

37. NRB 2019 – #2

ALVEDA KING (Martin Luther King?s Niece) Pro Life Activist, Producer & Actress; Producer of ROE V. WADE the Movie, ?UNPLANNED? Movie – ABBY JOHNSON – Published Author & ASHLEY BRATCHER – Actress; and RAY COMFORT – Pro Life Activist, Evangelist & Film Producer of ?7 REASONS?.

38. NRB 2019 – #3

DALLAS JENKINS- Producer/Director/Writer of ?THE CHOSEN? TV SHOW; THE BENHAM BROTHERS – DAVID and JASON are twins & former professional baseball players who produce a successful children?s show called, ?BIBLE BEE?; NINA KEEGAN & MICHELLE HUMPHREY – Producers & Hosts of TV SHOW, ?GRACE GRACE?

Quote of the day

Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.