1. Living Together

Jenna decides to move in with Lance, but the two of them have different ideas about this arrangement

2. God or No God?

Everyone gets in a debate over the existence of God during an outing to a club.

3. Addictions

Lilly meets Tina’s father when he’s drunk. Meanwhile Lance has his own vices

4. Another Life

Lance & Nate fight over money. Lilly confronts Jenna about her decisions.

5. Greener Pastures

Jenna turns to Lilly for help in facing her health challenges. Lance seeks out a new place to live.

6. Fish out of Water

Lance dates a new girl and attends a card game

7. Fair Weather Friends

Lilly and Tina become close friends. Lance has problems with his new girlfriend.

8. Enough is Enough

Tina moves out of the house, leaving her Dad alone with his problems.

9. Lily’s Past

Lilly get’s a visit from an old friend from her past.

10. Confrontations

Tina has a fight with her father over his alcohol problems.

11. For Your Daughter

Tina’s father gets into legal trouble and seeks an attorney.

12. Just Like Fluffy

Season Finale, as Tina’s life hangs in the balance.

Quote of the day

But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near by the blood of Christ.