The Way Of The Master


Learn how to speak with your unsaved family and friends, sharing the gospel effectively and inoffensively. Watch as the gospel is shared with teenagers, intellectuals, atheists, Muslims, Jews, cults, backsliders, and the self-righteous. Follow Jesus’ example by going to the highways and byways, malls and movie theaters, college campuses and local coffee houses, answering the 100 most common questions and objections of the Christian faith.

1. The Firefighter

Be challenged by a fictitious but powerful analogy called “The Firefighter”. Join Kirk Cameron as he gives a running commentary while Ray Comfort shares his faith with strangers.

2. Mirror of the Ten Commandments

What was the secret to the success of preachers such as Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley, George Whitefield that God has used down through the ages?

3. The Motive of the Sinner

The reason a sinner responds to the Gospel determines whether or not he continues in his faith. This is a vital teaching. Multitudes are being inoculated to the true Gospel, because of a lack of understanding when it comes to this principle

4. The Summary of Salvation

Join Kirk and Ray for further vital teaching.

5. Practice What You Preach

You will learn how to open a conversation with a stranger and how to make that difficult transition to the spiritual, as you watch Kirk and Ray role-playing typical witnessing encounters.

6. The Darling Sin of Humanity

In this episode, you will discover why idolatry is the deadliest of all sins. You’ll learn how to make judgment reasonable. And you’ll learn the legitimate place of fear when it comes to presenting the Gospel.

7. Atheism

Never again do you need to be intimidated by an atheist. Lear how to prove God’s existence and effectively witness to these so-call “intellectuals”.

8. WDJD?

What did Jesus do when it came to reaching the lost? This episode will help you to remember key stepping stones to powerful Biblical principles.

9. Blasphemy, Sabath and Parents

What do you say to someone who has just blasphemed? Do you confront him? Must a person keep the Sabbath? Is the fifth of the Ten Commandments relevant when it comes to reaching the lost?

10. Murder

How can this Commandment reveal the justice of God? Learn how to use it to reason with a sinner about the surety of Judgment Day?

11. Adultery

How should you respond when someone says that lust is natural, or that pornography isn’t a sin because it doesn’t hurt anyone? See the power of this Commandment to bring the knowledge of sin.

12. Theft

Join Kirk and Ray as they show how the power of the Moral Law opens the eyes of the blind sinners. Discover how sin hides in the human heart, and how it springs out through the door of temptation.

13. Lie and Covet

Learn how to use these two Commandments to show sinners their need of God’s mercy. See how using God’s holy Law to confront people about these “harmless” activities help them see sin in its true light.

Quote of the day

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.