I have no question, however, I did want to say that it is so refreshing to watch heartfelt movies that aren’t filled with swearing. I truly love the Parables TV and I’m glad I came across this channel. I’m not one to look forward to much, but when it comes to Parables, I can’t wait for the weekend so I can watch the next one. They all make me cry, But I love them. Thank God for you and the movies.

We’ve been watching Parable movies from a local channel most Saturdays. But, now, with a subscription to Parables.TV our viewing vistas have expanded greatly. No more questions of “what to watch”? or “have I purchased this movie yet” or “does netflix carry this movie”? They’re all on Parables.TV for the most part. The live streaming matches the best Netflix, Hulu and other streaming agencies offer, and the “on demand” listing allows for almost constant viewing of faith-based and family entertainment. Thank you for this wonderful service you’ve provided to Believers today.


Well after talking about it for so long we finally did it. We got a Roku and switched from Netflix to Parables TV. It’s funny how when nothing but positive things come from the TV, how my attitude changes to nothing but positive throughout my day. Same things going on, just different reaction to how I handle them.


I’ve enjoyed Parables movies before but just watched Saving God and can’t say enough good about it. I was so moved! Sometimes Christian movies just preach to the choir but anyone would have been moved if they’d seen this. So professionally done, such great acting and real life issues; premarital sex, violence, drugs, smoking. Real life and yet the love of God showed through. Bravo! Keep up the good work. Best yet, can’t wait to see others.


The picture quality on your Roku channel is so much better plus access to On Demand! What’s not to love about this new Roku channel! 🙂


I wish to let you all know how I have been blessed since becoming an subscriber to Parables TV. I live in the UK and we do have a variety of Christian based channels available on air but many of these focus on teaching where the message is often at odds with something one has just viewed. But sometimes even the Christian just wants to unwind with a good and wholesome book, film or music.

Your service is very different and as a Christian I am now able without worry to be entertained or educated with confidence that always a Christian message will be at the core. It is so comforting to know that the film I am viewing will not contain profanities or disgraceful worldly behavior.

Thank you all so much and I assure that I am as far as I can to spreading the word to my family, friends and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.


Quote of the day

Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.