C Me Dance (In Spanish)

2009 1 hr 29 min

A feature film about a teen-age girl, Sheri, who has trained her entire life to dance for the Pittsburgh Ballet and her dreams are coming true. Vince, her father, a hard working, God loving man, has raised her by himself since she was a toddler; her mother was killed in a car accident. He has instilled these values in his daughter and supported Sheri in her dreams every step of the way. Things couldn’t be better for this little family, until one afternoon when Sheri passes out at a rehearsal and is rushed to the hospital. After testing her they find that she has a rare blood disease and is dying. Sheri goes into denial and rebels, causing turmoil, pain and anguish for herself and her father. Vince has the biggest challenge of his life; keeping her close to God, helping her live out her dream before dying, counseling her and trying to soften her heart toward God because she is feeling betrayed. He deals with all this, while keeping himself from falling apart over the fact that the person he loves most in this world is going to die. One night after they both pray for strength and clarity of what he wants Sheri to do for him before she dies, a wonderful miracle happens… This heartwarming and tear jerking thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat and touch everyone, giving us a rejuvenated love for Christ and a deeper passion for life.

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