Dear J

Dear J tells the story of a man named James Jamisin who must cope with the unexpected death of his agnostic girlfriend: Paige. His torment revolves around the existential questions of life-after-death and her ultimate eternal destiny. To sort things out, James admits himself into Logous Psychiatric Institute, where he replays a make-believe Trial in his mind over and over again. The Trial is presided over by a no-nonsense imaginary Judge (played by Karen Lynn Gorney) and is animated by an array of off-the-wall characters. Some of the witnesses called to the stand are inspired by real-life individuals, like the literary scholar and apologist C.S. Lewis.


Allison Lane, Amanda Michelle Short, Blaze Kelly Coyle, Bruce Nicholls, Carson Grant, Heidi Azaro, Hudson Chambers, Joseph A. Halsey, Karen Lynn Gorney, Maya Serhan, Michael C. Kricfalusi, Myron Buchholz, Patrick Mitchell, Robert Glasser, Ron Kuriloff, Sharon Gruber




Not Rated

Dear J

Dove "Family-Approved" - Recommended for ages 12 and over.

    • Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter
    • Source: Video
    • Writer: R.M.M. Munoz
    • Director: Roberto Munoz
    • Producer: Roberto Munoz
    • Review provided courtesy of The Dove Foundation.Dove Logo