Eternity Tomorrow

The last thing Detective Samantha Stone remembers is getting kidnapped. She is tasered and knocked unconscious. One year later, she wakes up without a single memory of what happened during that time. Without an identity, Sam tries to recreate some semblance of a normal life. She gets a job as an executive secretary at UltraMed research facility. During a late evening at work, there is a break-in. Sam’s detective instincts kick in and she investigates. The attack happens unexpectedly. She defends herself, but doesn’t notice the second assailant, Allison, who tasers her. Sam doesn’t know how to explain what happens next. She is propelled into an intense vision, a future glimpse. She sees Allison fatally shot. Armed with her new found ability to see glimpses of future events, Sam decides to help Allison. As Sam continues her investigation, she realizes that the UltraMed Research facility break-in is part of a complex plot that has the potential of changing the world as we know it.


Delia Tatiana, Eliza Killam, Hans Potter, Heather Marie Scott, Michael Henderson, Mikal Grant, Momona Komagata, Taizo Ellis


Action, Drama, Thriller