Highway To Hell

What would you do… if you fell asleep at the wheel and woke up at the pearly gates and had to convince the heavenly guard that you deserved to get in? This is the challenge facing Joe the trucker when this is exactly what happens to him. Lucky for him St. Peter has misplaced his guest list and appears to be suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s. The situation is a recipe for the darkest of humor or the lightest of tragedy as Joe tries to b.s. his way through the gate on his good works and personality. But as he begins spinning a highly creative version of the truth, he soon discovers that he may have miscalculated his judge, and Peter may be just as crazy as a fox. If Joe has any hope of entering through those pearly gates he will have to face some very uncomfortable truths about himself and doing so may even require some supernatural help.


Alan Heyman, Amedeo Falgiatore, Braxton Wallace, Butch Konover, Eric Fifelski, Frank McKinney, George Monteiro, Haley Magalnik, Jay Leopardi, Kahra Keyes, Mac McConnell, Richard Sosa, Scott Getz, Sharon Pfeffer, Tom Hinton


Comedy, Drama