A long distance trucker falls asleep at the wheel and wakes up at the pearly gates wondering if he should have turned “right” at the last intersection. Joe is an average guy with both good points and bad. When he falls asleep at the wheel of his rig on his way back to Florida for his daughter’s birthday, he wakes up at a destination he was hoping to avoid for a long time. He finds himself at the head of a long line to the pearly gates. When his name is called, he tries to convince St. Peter there’s been a big mistake and he just needs directions back to the last intersection. It soon becomes painfully evident that he has reached the end of the road. Lucky for him Pete has lost his guest list and seems to be suffering from a mild case of Alzheimer’s. Will this be enough to give him a second chance at redemption? Angela, the waitress at the “Last Chance” truck stop on the “Highway to Hell” thinks it is. She does everything in her power to steer him back to the narrow path.


Alan Myles Heyman, Arturo Ferreira, Blesi Tchividjian, Brandi Rudicil, Frank McKinney, Lenin Valladares, Pastor Ron Bramos, Sharon Pfeiffer, Todd Bruno