No Lost Cause

A young, Agnostic woman is bound to a wheelchair after a car crash leaves her paralyzed. Now, Beth Ann Collins is forced to live with her estranged Christian father, Billy, living with the fear that she will never be able to walk again. Irate and confused, she takes her anger out on her father, her new idealistic acquaintance Nick, and God. While Beth Ann is determined to remain locked in her bedroom, Billy and Nick help her realize that God’s love for her is unending. She comes to accept Christ into her life and with that, love is redefined for her.


Brian Douglas Barker, Catherine Borland, Katherine Bennett


Drama, Family, Romance


Not Rated

No Lost Cause

Dove "Faith-Friendly" - Recommended for ages 12 and over.

    • Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter
    • Source: Video
    • Writer: Rachael Yeager
    • Director: Ashley Raymer-Brown, Rachael Yeager
    • Producer: Ashely Raymer-Brown, Rachael Yeager
    • Review provided courtesy of The Dove Foundation.Dove Logo