Proof Through the Night

Oh Say, Can You See…? In the 200 years since Francis Scott Key first wrote those words on the back of a letter they have inspired millions. The hope and joy expressed in the American National Anthem are so moving that more than five million people signed petitions for its official adoption. Yet within those words is an expression of a Christian’s faith and gratitude for deliverance. Told though the words of eyewitnesses and those who knew him best, this hour-long presentation tells the story not only of the song, but of the man and the beliefs that inspired it. Francis Scott Key was a lawyer, a father and a church leader. But he was not a songwriter or a professional poet. Yet, his words captured the sense of hope and optimism that continue to define America.


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Documentary, Educational, Family, History


Not Rated

Proof Through the Night

Dove "Faith-Friendly" - Recommended for ages 12 and over.

    • Reviewer: Caryn Toering
    • Source: Video
    • Writer: Jerry Griffith
    • Director: Jerry Griffith
    • Producer: Bill Curtis
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