The God Question

Two scientists, working in secret with a highly experimental, super-intelligent computer, feed it everything ever written that exists in digital form ヨ virtually every book, article and news story. Then they ask it the ultimate question: is there evidence in any of it for God, for a spiritual framework to life. To their astonishment, it arrives at an answer.


Cate Damon, Colin Allen, Edmund Genest, Edward Golden, Eliza Greene-Smith, Emily Peck, Frank S. Aronson, Irene Thornton, Jean Devereux Koester, Jim Lobley, John Montanari, Keith Langsdale, Mark Hildreth, Sasha Rivera, Troy David Mercier


Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller


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The God Question

Dove "Faith-Friendly" - Suitable for any age.

    • Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter
    • Source: Video
    • Writer: Stan Freeman
    • Director: Douglas Gordon
    • Producer: Stan Freeman
    • Review provided courtesy of The Dove Foundation.Dove Logo