The Good Book

Daniel (Evan Fielding) is separated from his family due to his careless mistake. Alex (BK Bomar) and his wife Marion (Apolonia Davalos) must trust God to fill the gaping hole in their lives. Sarah (Amanda Pentecost) deals with homelessness and rejection by society. Ruth (Jenn Gotzon) has no problems accepting others until she, too, is scorned. Leah (Rebecca Lines) must cope not only with her husband’s alcoholism, but now with her daughter’s lawless behavior. And Caleb (Josh Childs) encounters ultimate persecution for his faith. Each is hurting, but each finds solace in The Good Book.


A. Michelle Harleston, Darla Pelton-Perez, Jenn Gotzon




Not Rated

The Good Book

Dove "Faith-Friendly" - Recommended for ages 12 and over.

    • Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter
    • Source: Video
    • Writer: Sharon Wilharm
    • Director: Sharon Wilharm
    • Producer: Fred Wilharm
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