The Power of Hope

Two inspiring programs that reveal the power of hope to life to lift a soul out of the darkest moments of life.” Fifty years ago a young preacher from rural Pennsylvania interrupted a high profile murder trial in New York City. His mission was to share Jesus with the seven indicted gang members. That encounter would change his life and the lives of thousands of others forever with the launch of Teen Challenge, a ministry that has helped thousands of men and women find freedom from addiction. Now, the riveting stories of people who lives have been powerfully freed from the prison of drug and alchohol addiction in 50 years of Miracles. Then later…Why do bad things happen to good people? What is the reason for suffering? Is there a purpose for pain? Are we just victims of circumstance? Join us on a Journey of Hope and meet people with remarkable life stories…Moving stories of triumph over despair…Light in the darkest moments of live. A journey from peril to promise. A journey to faith…and then…HOPE. Hope is as close as your heart…listen. Now a journey…Journey of Hope – walking with hope through life’s valley’s.


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