Walker: Beyond Limits

2018 TV-PG 20 min

The number one stress factor in the US is lack of money, according to American Psychological Association survey. And for me was no different. I grew up struggling financially and had a dream to support my mother through sports. God gave me a gift of Football. I was good, I was really good. I could see myself playing in the NFL, I knew I would be a professional Football player. I could feel it. I would dream with fame and fortune and the ability to finally give my mother everything she deserved. Life was good. But at 14 years old I suffered an injury while playing the sport I loved. A life altering injury. I became paralyzed from the neck down. At 14, just 14 years old. Life was shattered. All my hopes and dreams vanished in a second. I became frustrated, depressed and angry. Why me Lord? Why me!!? I wanted to kill myself ? but I could not. I was paralyzed from the neck down! It took me several years to realize that life sometimes is unfair and that you CAN pursue a positive purpose despite your circumstances. You can work constructively against injustices, transforming your anger into passion. Walker: Beyond Limits is a short documentary about my transformational journey and I know this story will inspire many to transform anger and anxiety into passion and hope.

Quote of the day

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.