When Love Walks In

Irresponsible… Distant… Self-serving… These are the snapshots that describe John Redgrave (Kent C. Williamson). But that’s before his wife (Melissa Dawn Bryant) dies and leaves him alone to raise their three-year-old daughter (Savannah Grace). Emotionally devastated, John attempts to pick up the pieces of his shattered life as his overzealous father (Bill Williamson) rushes him to find a mother for his little girl. He could fall for Annelise Machiavelli (Maggie Jones), the aspiring artist he’s hired as a baby-sitter, but his lingering grief continues to make him hesitant and uncertain about committing to a new relationship. Though Annelise stands ready to teach him that even tragedy can open the door to new opportunity, self-doubt, selfish ambition, and a crazy potential mother-in-law (Terri Moore) always seem to get in the way. Grief may conquer him… Fear may ruin him… But everything changes… When Love Walks In


", "Kent C. Williamson, Bill Williamson, Maggie Jones, Melissa Dawn Bryant, Savannah Grace, Terri Moore